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sometimes I get like a burst of energy and I’m like I love you and you and I feel like giving everyone a whole speech about how cool they are but people kill my mood when they’re like uh okay

Posted Oct 12, 2019 18:37 by anonymous
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  • Commented May 27, 2023 19:06 by anonymous

    It seems like you may have ADD. Id recommend getting tested. You probably shouldnt; out of nowhere; confess your entire love and appreciation for someone. People suppress feelings every second of their lives, its something that makes us human, the fear of what others might think. People who dont care what others think are usually either anarchist/marxist types or have ADD. If you are a anarchist/marxist type chances are you dont get along with many people and you wouldnt form a strong bond with many people, even family members, so its unlikely in your case.

    Confessing everything like that is something people do when theyre in dire straights, when theyre drunk, when theyre already amidst deep and meaningful conversation. It is extremely overbearing to hear how much someone appreciates you because its like you expect something just as meaningful back, thats not always the case, not everyone has strong feelings towards people. They might think of you as a cool person and thats about it. Dont take it so hard, they just havent developed feelings like you have, its almost never an even amount when it comes to any relationship whether friends or partners.


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