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Sister walks around the house naked when parents are not around and its extremely awkward

Posted Jun 14, 2019 19:09 by anonymous
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  • Commented Jun 16, 2019 21:04 by anonymous

    well you do need to grow up

  • Commented Jun 16, 2019 21:08 by anonymous

    I wish I had a sister.

  • Commented Jul 16, 2019 09:06 by Swaggs

    I have an idea. Why not join her and walk around naked too.!

  • Commented Jul 16, 2019 09:10 by anonymous

    “I wish I had a sister.”

    Me too.

  • Commented Jul 16, 2019 13:06 by anonymous

    Maybe she's hinting for a fuck......I would accomodate if it were my sister......let her see you at full mast while walking around naked also.

  • Commented Jul 16, 2019 16:08 by perfectstranger

    Just do the same, maybe when she sees how UP you have grown she might put on come cloths.

  • Commented Jul 16, 2019 21:53 by anonymous

    Personally I would bend her over a table/sofa/chair and drill that pussy hard doggy style

  • Commented Mar 29, 2020 11:48 by anonymous

    My 15 yo cousin moved in with us after my Aunt went into rehab. My cousin was naked all the time and she had a smoking hot body. We shared a room and she told me I could fuck her anytime I wanted.
    Best two months of my life.

  • Commented Sep 10, 2020 11:41 by anonymous

    My older sister started doing that after mom and dad got a divorce. She told me that I had to do the same too and she undressed me in front of mom and I got hard. My sister started sucking on my dick while mom rubbed herself. I found out later the dad was fucking my sister and grooming her to be a pedo-whore and that is why my mom divorced him.

  • Commented Apr 18, 2021 08:26 by anonymous

    My 15 yr old cousin moved in with us too she got caught ducking at school several! Times and kicked out her first dad she got breed in parking lot taking anyone mostly black guys she got caught half way thru thu the day I picked her up and was on mini skirt short they have her she threw it off their she had cum covering her mostly dry nhuf.not all in was jerking off driving already she sucked my duck after I bass her get naked she swallowed huge load I was high on meth index her like a gallon kept on five min later she got on me I pulled over fucked her till unloaded in her ; I have every day for over a year lead to my youngest sister and two nieces I've knocked my cousin up twice she told her mom it was black her mom said good girl

  • Commented Dec 13, 2021 19:29 by anonymous

    My hot older sister did it all the time when it was just the two of us. She'd get out of the shower in a tiny, hotel-type towel, barely covered, then ask me to run downstairs to get her a bra and thong undies, then drop the towel and tell me to wait until she says so, because being like this (naked) with me was freeing and fun. She still wanted me to go downstairs to the dryer at some point, but wanted to lay or sit on the couch with me, naked, for awhile, too. Or make food, do her hair, shave her legs, anything she wanted to do, just naked. I remember her needing to stretch her back out once and having me do it for her from behind, naked. She told me to come her, get behind me, swing my arms around her, and pick her up backwards so she'd stretch out. She then let me be the one to drop her towel to the floor as she smiled and posed. When we started having regular sex later, she told me that being naked with me after her shower like that was her way of testing what I'd do. Enjoy her body, lose control and go right after her, or not like it. I did tell her the second one almost happened, I almost lost it one night and just tackled her, but mostly I wanted to soak in every inch of her all the time. The night I wanted to tackle and have at her was closer to happening than she thought.


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