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Serious question

Posted Jul 3, 2019 09:35 by anonymous
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  • Commented Jul 3, 2019 09:50 by curiouscock62

    It may pass but keep working him and give him some signs. Next time you sit on his lap, straddle him while facing him. You can make it seem innocent enough but...

  • Commented Jan 18, 2020 22:10 by anonymous

    Asks him into your room and cuddle him rubbing against him

  • Commented Jan 18, 2020 23:25 by anonymous

    I am Angry OCD Trump Troll I Am So Angry Because Daddy Fucks Me In The Ass And Calls Me The Ass Pounder, I'm Just An Abused Little Boy And My Daddy Give Me Maximum Butt Hurt. Now i feel GAY and I'm not areal man!

  • Commented Aug 19, 2021 10:44 by anonymous

    I used to have them dreams and actually spoke to my dad about it, he was amazing and told me it’s completely natural to want to sleep with people who you feel close to, especially when we feel really low, he bought me my first sex toy and from then I was hooked on masterbating, I never told my dad that thought.
    Just don’t fuck him Ha Ha Ha

  • Commented Aug 19, 2021 11:03 by anonymous

    Youd be surprised what hed do once you got his hormones churning. I thought my father wouldnt touch me even though I practically threw myself at him. He drove to UCLA in his converted van to pick me up and drive us back to Virginia with plans to camp along the way. We went north to see Yellowstone and we camped by a lake called Ten Sleep in Wyoming. I went swimming in Meadowlark Lake, the water was like ice. When I went back to the camper I was so chilled I couldn't stop shivering. Dad put our sleeping bags together to make one big one so we could snuggle to get me warm.
    When he turned off the light, I quickly took off my panties and t-shirt and snuggled with him. He told me to get something on, I told him I needed to be next to his warm skin.
    We spooned, he got hard, I kept pushing my butt against his boner and I'd giggle and asked ifmit did that, he'd say "what did you expect, I'm just a man" I reached and felt his cock and said "yes, just a nice big hard man" he laughed. Before the night was over he was working me over pretty good. Before we made it home we were used to having sex sometimes as much as 3 times a day. No apologies, just me and him enjoying each other

  • Commented Aug 19, 2021 11:15 by anonymous

    I was at mom's helping her clean house, dad is a truck driver and was on the road. I was 22, just got out of school and taking a bit of a breath. I ran across a box with photos. They were of mom and dad, aunt Carol (mom's sister) and uncle Bob all naked. Had pictures of mom sucking uncle Bob's dick and aunt Carol sucking dad's dick. Mom came up behind me and said "you weren't supposed to see those." I said "too late now" and laughed. She said her and aunt Carol shared boyfriends when they were in high school and decided to shard husbands.
    I was looking and there was just uncle Bob, the there was Dad. I said "mom, dad is huge" she said "nine inches, Carol clouding get enough of it" I asked why she never got jealous, mom said uncle Bob had tongue talent like she'd never had in her life. Here I was having this conversation with my mother like it was nothing.
    I kelp looking at dad, he had a hard on and it excited me. Now I'm thinking how can I get dad to let me take it for a ride.


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