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refuse to go to weddings etc

Posted Dec 7, 2017 by anonymous | 216 views | 4 comments

  • Commented Dec 7, 2017 by anonymous

    Much of what you discuss is right on the money.

    My wife has a gaggle of sisters who are exactly as you describe members of your family, they think our part of the family exists only to attend their personal partying gigs so we can listen to them talk about themselves, & NEVER to attend ours. Her sisters are the epitome of foul pig-mouthed bitches to say the least.

    When we put out invitations for them to participate in family gatherings at our place of residence they get really pissed off about it & insist it should be done ANYPLACE but ours, then they go on name calling binges to make clear their point.

    I daresay however, you too may be part of the problem from the way you described your attitude towards other family members. This demonstrated by the fact that if you have invited them to attend some personal family gathering specific to your interests & they have refused to come, if this is the case you have a legitimate beef against them, otherwise you too are simply part of the problem about which you are complaining.

  • Commented Dec 7, 2017 by anonymous

    You are a fucking loser. Eat shit and die.

  • Commented Dec 7, 2017 by anonymous

    Then stay the fuck home. Jesus

    Also no one gives a fuck what anyone said in 1993

  • Commented Dec 8, 2017 by anonymous

    Too funny, but not wrong. I went to a wedding with my very beautiful, straight, long blonde-haired friend, "Leslie" (name change), by her multiple request, as she not only didn't want to go for the reasons you stated, i.e.-, hated anyone else being the focus of attention, but, sure as hell not alone. Known her many years, so, said yes. I should have thought twice when she asked what she should wear, and I said "Guess, whatever you want".

    Picked her up, and she wore a tight, no-shouldered, sexy as hell dark red dress that had even me panting as I drove us to the reception. Just incredible. Hair down, just enough makeup (she wasn't a makeup type woman), heels, and had the sly, sexy, flirty smile going. I joked with her that the "poor bride is going to be number 2 today". And I was 100% correct. The entire night, guys were talking to us, women asking about her dress, she and we were making the rounds.. The bride, who looked beautiful, was still nowhere near, looks-wise, what Leslie was. I actually started to feel a little bad for her, given the hold that Leslie had on the room. She/Leslie knew it, too. And ate it the hell up.

    She told me there was another wedding she was invited to, but, wasn't going because "it's too much work", but also adding enjoying, in her words, "taking eyes off the bride because I can".


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