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Peaceful Trump Rally

Posted Jan 13, 2021 09:41 by anonymous
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  • Commented Jan 13, 2021 09:52 by anonymous

    Anti-Trumpers are stupid

  • Commented Jan 13, 2021 10:35 by anonymous

    His speech was designed to incite, and that's what it did. While you push his "peaceful" stance, he was, at the same time promoting the idea that they had to act, to "fight like hell." The two ideas clearly at odds with each other. His entire speech pushed the idea that the election was stolen from him. It was not. He knows that, but somewhere in his little mind, he believed he could shame Pence into doing something that Pence did not have the power to do. The thrust of his speech was totally aimed the mindset of his followers, some of them carrying weapons, to act to prevent the vote. And they did.

    And to top it off, Trump, in his own cowardly way, told his supporters that he would be marching to the Capitol building with them, but then left and returned to the White House to watch the unfolding chaos on live television. Yeah... that's a leader. Leading from behind as he puts his followers in imminent danger.

    What will it take to wake you people up from the stupor that Trump has lulled you into? He doesn't care about you. The is a con man who has lied, misled, and apparently hypnotized his followers to do his bidding. His ground soldiers that will foolishly put themselves in harm's way for his inflated ego.

  • Commented Jan 13, 2021 11:28 by anonymous

    He wound them up for weeks then told the lunatics specifically to “march down to the capitol” and be “heroes not zeroes.” The Rudy told them this is going to be a “trial by combat.” He knew exactly what he was doing. The real question is why don’t you see it?

  • Commented Jan 13, 2021 14:52 by anonymous

    Another stupid trumpster


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