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Pastor's wife

Posted May 28, 2015 by anonymous | 1664 views | 3 comments

  • Commented May 29, 2015 by anonymous

    Preachers wives are the best because the preacher is busy with all the women in the congregation who want to have the preacher. The wife is left to fend for herself. It is a known fact in the church community.

  • Commented May 29, 2015 by anonymous

    Lisa's cunt stinks like dogshit

  • Commented May 29, 2015 by anonymous

    New preacher moved in and his wife and two smell girls. Being a strong farm boy and teen I got offered to help them move in and settle. Dropped at her place and my mom took her two girls and waited for the call to come get me.
    Moved things into the attack and set up the trundle bed for the girls. She tossed a blanket on the bed and I laid there, told her i would take a nap. She smiled and dive bombed me. She spread her legs and straddled me and held my arms down. ask if i wanted to wrestle. Told me i could not get up if i wanted to. Being a teen and she being a VERY nice looking well built woman I liked where I was.
    She stared at me and said nothing. She kissed me and told me she loved my eyes. She purposely rubbed her self on my crotch and it got hard quick.
    She told me I must be excited with the position, she could feel my pleasure very hard.
    I told her that she excited me. She ran her hand between us and unzipped my pants, pulled my cock out. She slid her undies to the side and worked the head in and then fucked me. Then I fucked her. I fucked her a lot that day. No condom and every time I finished inside her.

    She had me over several Saturdays after, she could not get that furniture the way she liked it. Then she wanted to paint. Every time we had a lot of sex.

    She was swolen up a few months later and people ask, you having another baby? she smiled and said yes we are. I ask if it was mine, she told me no. We kept having sex for two more months, then she left to be with her family in Ohio.
    She never returned with the baby, but a picture of our son. She packed and went back, her husband left and followed.

    Someone said later how strange how neither of the girls looked like her husband at all. Years later we were told that they were kicked out of the church. She had got pregnant by a teen and his family demanded blood test for the child. She had done to them what she did to me. Except he told his parents.
    Found out her husband could not have children, so each of the kids were the children of teens she would have sex with at churches.


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