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Over a year and a half I touched my stepsister while she slept.

Posted Jan 13, 2021 15:38 by anonymous
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    100% ACCURATE

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    My stepsister was older than me. When she was 19 she drank a lot with friends. I was 13. I covered for her to our parents. One night she came home with puke on her and needed a shower. I helped undress her and was hard right away. Beautiful tits, slim waist with a bubble butt. I sat on the sink while she showered and got her to bed. She flopped down with her pussy exposed. Of course I touched it. As soon as I tried getting her to suck my dick she rolled over. I was horny and frustrated. She mumbled to cum on her ass. I didn’t ask questions, I came where she wanted. The next morning was weird but I took care of her hangover and covered for her. My parents left and I was in my room with the door open when she came in and asked if I tried putting my dick in her mouth last night. I admitted I was horny but was very sorry. She said it was okay and she was thankful for covering for her and took off my shorts and her shirt. She put her tits in my face and kissed me all the way to my dick. She gave me head and asked if I enjoyed touching her pussy too. I did so much, she asked if she was wet but I didn’t get that far with her. She got naked and put her pussy over my chest and I felt her pussy. She put my finger in and asked if I was wet. She was like a little slut sitting on my shaft and rubbing her pussy on me. She said I should make her cum and she would give me a treat. She stood over my face and I ate her pussy. Well, she used my face to cum. She got done and lifted her legs back. I wasn’t a virgin but only had sex once in the dark. So satisfying seeing my dick go deep in her hole. I warned her I wasn’t going to last. She took my wet dick out and said this was her treat to me. She put it in her ass and said to hurry and finish. She was screaming but only for a minute until I came. Every drunk night I was allowed to play with her as long as I didn’t cum in her pussy. The funniest night was when I came home and moved her sheet and she had a friend there naked cuddling. She woke up from me fucking her. She said she had a surprise. She made out with her friend until she was mostly awake. She told her that I was about to give her dick while she ate her pussy. The girl was asleep basically but I still fucked her. My stepsister slurped on her pussy and my dick got a few licks. I was close and my stepsister was missing her again rubbing her clit so fast. She asked if she was ready to cum. She said yes, she told her that since She was on birth control, I’d be cumming in her. She rubbed very fast and told me to fuck her brains out. As soon as o felt her pussy tighten I came with her. I didn’t stop. It felt too good. My sister got to suck me and rode me until I came for the second time.


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