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One night, my (then) gf asked me to have sex with her and said yes every time I asked if she was sure she wanted this since her body language told otherwise and I had my doubts she really meant it. I still feel horrible about this.

Posted Aug 6, 2019 08:21 by anonymous
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  • Commented Oct 20, 2019 10:18 by anonymous

    if you have autism or borderline, that is in the way that your social, and higher thinking brains work.
    Sex is in how your mid-brain works...that's the part of the brain that animals all have.
    Primates have the social and higher symbolic thinking brain parts, others, generally do not.

    So the part of a person that wants or consents to sex is not necessarily controlled by the social/high-level part of the brain.

    It is entirely possible to even be AGAINST wanting sex, and WANTING sex at the same time.

    No reason to be confused about this, this falls more under the title of "Its Complicated".

  • Commented Jan 6, 2020 08:26 by anonymous

    You didn't do anything bad

  • Commented Jun 27, 2020 02:26 by anonymous

    You did nothing wrong. You can never fully understand why someone might say yes or no to a request that you have. But you were trying to be considerate of her and asked her several times if she wanted to proceed. People often have mixed feelings about things. Honestly, if you hadn't had sex with her, but you wanted to, it would be a form of imposing your will on her by trying to think that you know more about what she wants than she does.

  • Commented Aug 30, 2020 08:51 by anonymous

    You blew it. You had a woman who was willing to have Sex with you for your pleasure and you dumped her. Do you know how much you meant to her for a woman to do that?
    Take. her back. Tell you you are sorry, you fucked up, you got scared, and you want her back.

  • Commented Apr 9, 2021 18:12 by anonymous

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  • Commented Jul 24, 2021 17:40 by anonymous

    You are a very compassionate man, despite how you feel. As a lady with BPD with a partner with autism, I understand how hard it is to communicate on some occasions. I recall an experience awhile back similar to yours, though, and I understand your guilt. I know it’s hard for individuals with autism to understand some boundaries (apologies if that sounds mean, I’m not totally familiar with this stuff) and you asked her multiple times to speak up if she needed to stop. It was wrong of you to keep going, even if she said yes, because of her body language, but neither of you are at all to blame for this.

    I’ll put it this way: You did not rape her. You are not in the wrong here, and neither is she. You are compassionate and showing guilt for not stopping is a sign you’re self aware of your actions and how they effect others. You’re perfectly alright, I promise.

    Please reach out to her and offer your support if possible. As someone with BPD, I understand her reactions, but as someone who is a partner to someone who is autistic, I also understand yours. Tell her you care for her and didn’t mean to hurt her. Even if you two aren’t talking anymore, it’s good to tell her you don’t despise her nor was it her fault. Understanding goes a long way with people who suffer from BPD.

    I hope you’re both recovering, and please reply back if you’d like to ask anything else. I’m willing to give you my contact information if you want me to explain BPD a bit more in depth.


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