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My sister and I had an affair.....

Posted Jun 8, 2019 19:29 by anonymous
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  • Commented Jun 8, 2019 19:38 by anonymous

    Sounds way more realistic then most of this shit!

  • Commented Jun 8, 2019 19:44 by anonymous

    If she still wants it just fuck her and suggest 3some with her an ur wife!

  • Commented Jun 8, 2019 20:29 by anonymous

    Sounds a bit like my situation with my step sister. I was at the end of my marriage, she had moved back home after her divorce. I hung out there with my dad at first but gradually my sister and I started to go to dinner, lunch or grab a drink. We ended up messing around, oral and heavy petting for about a year that she lived there. We talked about being a couple and it would never be okay.

    She moved into her own apartment and one afternoon I got a text. One thing lead to another and I'm standing at her door. She opens the door in a sheer nighty. We fucked. It was great. We joked about how fast could we work this into our schedules. I guess I didnt handle it as well as you, i dont think either of us were in romantic love with the other. I wasn't, we talked and text even went to dinner a few times. We didnt say, lets not fuck anymore but we didnt. Maybe I was suppose to seduce her. Not sure.

    Flash forward, we both have new lives, she has kids. She absolutely hates me. I think her husband knows because he goes from friendly to a big asshole when I'm around. We have younger half siblings, adults now they are on her side so she must have a different perspective on our relationship. Dad passed many years ago, i was never a fan of my step mom so I just stay away.

  • Commented Jun 9, 2019 07:06 by anonymous

    I have three sisters and am fucking the oldest and youngest, both happily married with children. I'm single. We do what we do out of special love for each other. Good for you and you sister. Take care of her and her needs. Be careful not to make babies together though. Its fun to act out making babies "Ooo, ahh get pregnant by me" and "Ooo, ahh make a baby inside of me" but keep your heads on and don't actually do it. Have fun!!!

  • Commented Jun 9, 2019 07:12 by anonymous

    I think you need to be honest with yourself and be with your sister. Some things are meant to be.

  • Commented Jun 9, 2019 14:43 by anonymous

    Theres no way this works out good for you if this is true. Ignore the dimwits that make shit up. If you and your sister hook up permanently your parents and siblings will know and will likely not accept it at all. Your gonna end up isolated from them and her kid is gonna end up all fucked up due to this confusion in his family. I advice you not to do it man for the good of your whole family and your lives.

  • Commented Jun 9, 2019 14:44 by anonymous

    U never shoulda fucked her in the first place man.

  • Commented Apr 10, 2020 01:49 by anonymous

    Nothing wrong with it, and, it shows you love each other. My hot older sister and I have been having sex for years, but, during my period of marital decline (and, a few years earlier, problems with the same woman), the first one on the scene, both to vent to and have sex with, usually for days or weekends at a time, was her. My then-wife, during the tail end of everything, took off and went to visit a relative out of state, for 8 days, without telling me. I found out on a social media post, where she logged in from "I don't know", but not far from the relative's house. Traded a few texts with my annoyed hot older sister, who'd seen it to, and she showed up within the hour to talk, have as much sex as we could, cook for me, and basically, step right in. She stayed for three days, we had very much, and I'll admit, amazing sex, were a couple, then she left to take care of things at her own home. Came back to me two days after that, for a weekend of more, almost exclusively, sex, some fun photos of each other, and forgetting everything that my soon to be ex did.

    After my divorce and ex moved out, I was fine, as preferred living by myself anyway, however, this time, hot older sister spent a full week with me, having sex, pleasuring me, and letting loose on everything we'd always wanted to do with each other but never did. We have no regrets.

  • Commented Apr 10, 2020 02:02 by anonymous

    You should move your sister in. I would, and if my wife wasn’t happy with it she could leave. She knows how I feel.


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