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I've grown up "gifted". I graduated several years early, and everything I have ever tried has come easy to me. I am now 30, and feel like I have wasted my life and have nothing to show for it.

Posted Jul 22, 2019 20:00 by anonymous
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    Life is not easy. I sucked at school. I worked my ass off and climbed the property ladder. Thank goodness I married the right woman. On a truckdrivers salary I managed to buy houses along the way. Now I live in one that's paid off and the others are also paid off. I have a Teamsters pension coming to me and SSN if it's still there. And when I sell those other two homes I'll have over a million dollars. I didn't go on vacations. I bought messed up hud homes and fixed them and sold them all with a minimum of 60 profit each. I know friends who bought cars and went on lavish vacations. And now close to retirement are in debt up to their eyeballs. You made choices. Most likely the wrong ones. I know my kids will be pissed when I sell my other homes and just take their mom everywhere and do everything. I have already told them I plan to spend it all. You get out of life what you put into it. So if you have nothing to show. Sorry to say......but it's your fault,

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    First, I want to say that I know that it's tough to get out of a hole once you are in one. But you can.

    You need a change of career. Although the other person commenting here was tough on you, what they said was fundamentally right. You have to get over whatever image you have of yourself in the past as a superstar. You need to choose a field that will give you a good income and an ability to work your way up based on accomplishment. If you have the talent, I suggest a career in IT. If not, go to a tech school and get a degree in health care. Nurses make great money. Medical technicians make great money.

    The alternative is to do something like the other poster and become a truck driver, or a bus driver, or some other field like that. You need to research it, and not just jump right in.

    But mostly, you have to get over this image that you have of yourself in the past. I think that you feel that you are too good for a lot of these other jobs. The truth is that design is a poor career choice for most people. There are a few talented people who make great money, but the field is flooded with people of mediocre talent, but who already have jobs. And then you talk about writing. Writing is never a career choice. It should always be a hobby. There are so many writers, that it's almost impossible to even earn a living in the field. If you write as a hobby, and you happen to write something extraordinary, then that's awesome. But you should never plan on it contributing any money to your life.

    The problem is that no matter how much you would like it to be otherwise, the world is not as you see it. The world exists, and you will either conform to it, or you will have an unhappy. A few extraordinary people can bend the world to their will for a while, but very few people can. I encourage you to start living in the real world, not some fantasy that you have.


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