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Incest girls

Posted Mar 23, 2023 15:36 by anonymous
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  • Commented Mar 24, 2023 15:16 by anonymous

    I was 11. I had gotten sex ed, so I decided I wanted to have sex. But I didn't want it to be with anyone else but my dad. Theh taught us about morning wood, so I crawled into his bed one morning and just sat myself down on his hardon. It slipped right in and then I was just riding him like a horse

  • Commented Mar 24, 2023 17:43 by anonymous

    i was about 10 i came home from school and saw my dad masturbating and told him about my friend who was having sex with her dad and i want to try. he said ok i got naked and sat on his dick and we been fucking ever since i'm 35 now.

  • Commented Mar 24, 2023 17:47 by anonymous

    grandpa do stuff to me from a very young age

  • Commented Mar 25, 2023 02:15 by anonymous

    Dad always licked my pussy before I could remember! He fucked me at 10! I joined the Army at 18 and would come home and stay with dad and have sex. When I was 24 I wanted a baby and stopped birth control and got pregnant at 25 by my dad! Some how I convinced my dad the baby was a boyfriends I broke up with and had a little boy! He’s 8 and have been sucking his dick since he was a baby and taught him how to eat pussy! He has a nice 4-1/2 inch dick and fucks me but no cum! I had my tubes tied in the Army so no more babies so when he’s 16 he can pound mom all he wants!

  • Commented Mar 25, 2023 08:22 by anonymous

    Mom moved us in with her bf when I was 17. She was early 40's and he was early 30's. He was very blue collar. Drank beer, smoked, tattoos, had a Harley, wore tight jeans and pocketed t shirts. When we met I was definitely sexually turned on to his physical appearance. He was a real man. Very physical. Nice muscles. Tan from working outside. Longer hair. His biceps stretched his short shirt sleeves. Broad shoulders. Didn't seem to have an ounce of fat on him. He was very polite and nice to me. Had green eyes and a smile that made me wet. I lost my virginity the year before and went the path of partying with my bf and friends almost daily. I definitely thought about having sex with him the first time we met and noticed he looked me up and down several times when I was talking to my Mom or doing something in the kitchen. The house was small but nice and I got my own room. That night upped my desire for him when I woke hearing them have what sounded like great sex. Sex with my bf wasn't nearly as loud or long. Hearing Mom say yes over and over got me off as I played with myself. This went on every night or every other night for that first week and I would stay up to listen and imagine it was me. My Mom was a nurse and went on nights for a week. We ate together the first night and he asked a lot about personal stuff. What I liked, who my bf and friends were. The next night he was grilling and drinking beer. I was in my tight jean shorts and a tight tank top revealing cleavage. Even put on some eye make up and tried to look attractive for him. He noticed and told me I looked amazing with a look that went right through me. He told me to grab a beer for him and me if I wanted. Getting long, but I had sex with him that night. He made me cum with his fingers, tongue and thick cock. I was thankful I was on the pill when I turned 17 and my Mom knew I was having sex. We carried on through my senior year. Went to college and my Mom and he broke up. Mom moved in with a gf and never saw him again. He was 100% man and haven't been with another like him.

  • Commented Mar 25, 2023 09:02 by anonymous

    8, alway kept lifting my skirt and flashing him with my panties.......

  • Commented Mar 25, 2023 10:39 by anonymous

    37, Dad is a dementia patient. Exposed his penis couple of times before masturbating him. The second time I give him oral and surprised how quickly he ejaculated.

  • Commented Mar 25, 2023 10:56 by anonymous

    Mom passed so dad and I got much closer. I don't recall who seduced who. I think we both wanted it. I was 17 when we first had sex and it lasted until I was 24 when my father passed. Now I am lonly for both.

  • Commented Mar 25, 2023 12:19 by anonymous

    He wasn't my biological dad, but he was my dad. I never knew my bio dad because he died when I was just a couple of months old. My mom married my step dad when I was 3 and he became my dad and almost every night I would fall asleep with my head in his lap and fall asleep as he rubbed my tummy. A year after my mom died we were talking about the past and that came up. I went over and laid down on the couch and laid my head in his lap and we talked while he rubbed my tummy. It wasn't long before he got an erection and I could feel it pressing against the back of my head. No, that never happened when I was a kid, but I wasn't a kid anymore. I was a 29 year old woman. I also found it kind of odd and sexy that he was getting sexually excited and I realized it was because he was caressing a woman's tummy while her head was in his lap. I wasn't a kid anymore and he knew that. I also felt kind of sorry for him, or something, because I knew he hadn't had sex since my mom died and I thought about taking care of him and that kind of turned me on. I moved my head against him while looking up at him. He kind of gave a half smile so I did it again and as his hand came up to just below my boobs I reached down and guided it up over my breast and held it there. He looked at me kind of with a surprised, confused look, and I told him it was okay. It took him a few seconds but he started rubbing and squeezing me as I moved my head against the lump in his pants. I reached down and opened my jeans and he took the hint and slid his hand inside my pantes and started fingering me. I was already wet but I got a lot wetter when he started touching me. I got up and stood up in front of him and undressed while he watched me. Then I knelt down and opened his slacks and pulled his dick out and stroked him a couple of times then took him into my mouth. He had his hands on my head and was watching me slowly sucking him. By that time I was really wanting to fuck. I stroked him and asked him if he'd like to cum in my mouth or inside my body. He told me whatever I wanted. I got up and straddled him and slowly slid myself down onto him and we both kind of moaned. He started sucking my breasts while I moved on him slowly. He wasn't huge but he was big enough that he was filling my body completely. I started riding him pretty hard because I was getting really close to an orgasm. He was just watching me as I got closer and closer and the closer I got the closer he started getting too. When it happened we were staring at each other. I couldn't help but kind of cry out as I started cumming and then it got even more intense because I felt him throbbing and pulsing inside me. I stayed on top of him for a few minutes because it just felt so good and when I got up I could feel his sperm starting to run down the inside of my thigh. It was a very wonderful moment

  • Commented Mar 25, 2023 13:47 by anonymous

    Growing up it was just me and my dad. My mom left us both when I was 7. My dad and me became closer and as I got older we had a fun type of relationship because we share the same sense of humor. When I was 16 I was in my room masturbating and I guess I made some noise during my orgasm because when I went to the living room my dad asked me if I was okay. I told him I was fine and asked why. He said he heard me in my room and it sounded like I was going to puke or something. I started blusing immediately and he said,Oh! Oh! Okay, nevermind. I did that embarassed kind of smile thing and then he started to laugh and said, Well, if you want help just ask me! I was like, OMG, DAD! THAT IS SO GROSS! but he was laughing his all off and told me that he was just kidding and that it was took good let pass. He said, You set yourself up for that, Missy!" , and that was the end of it. Or so I thought, because much later I was masturbating again and I wondered what it would be like for him to get me off. That thought kept going through my mind over and over for the next year and it always made my orgasms better. I was working part time at a theater and wouldn't get off until 11pm or so. My dad would come get me so it was always a late night. I was working a Saturday night and when we got home I got a little something to eat then went into the living room where he was watching some World War 2 thing and sat down. On the nights I worked I would usually masturbate when I went to bed and that's what I was going to do. The thought of him getting me off came to mind and I thought I would see what he do and then go from there because I could always say I was kidding and getting back at him. I got up and went over and kissed him on the cheek and told him I was going to bed. Then I said, I'm going to do something to help me relax so if you hear anything, it's just me. He looked up at me with a puzzled look on his face and then he got what I was saying and laughed and said, Okay, enjoy. I answered with, Oh I will. You want to help? My answer stunned him for a second and he said, What? I said, Do you want to help. You told me if I ever wanted help to just ask. So I'm asking. His face went serious now and I knew that he knew that I wasn't just kidding. He didn't say anything. He just stared at me. Are you coming? I asked and then I started towards my room. I was about halfway down the hall when I heard him get up off the sofa. I got to my room and left the door open then got undressed. I was just laying down when he came into my room. He came over to my bed and his eyes were going all over my body. I spread my legs and started running my finger up and down my slit. He stepped closer then sat down on the bed and was watching as I continued to touch myself and make myself wet. He reached up to turn off the bedside lamp but I told him to leave it on so I could watch. He reached out slowly and put his hand on my tit, god, that felt so good. Then he slid his hand down my tummy and between my legs. When his hand touched mine I moved mine out of the way. I started caressing me with his fingertips before sliding one inside me. I couldn't help but moan when he did that. He laid down next to me, kind of over me, and started sucking my nipples as his fingers found my clit. I was in heaven as he massaged my clit and it didn't take very long before and orgasm built quickly and hit me hard. When I finished he stood up and was looking at me. I smiled at him and told him that felt so good. I could also see his obvious erection hiding behind his jeans. I reached up and put my hand on him then told him to, Show me. He opened up his jeans and pushed them down and I was greeted to the sight of his very hard cock pointing straight at me. I took him in my hand and stroked him slowly. I moved over and told him to lay down. He went ahead and kicked his jeans off and laid down. This time I kind of laid over the top of him so that my nipples were just inches from his mouth. I started stroking him again as he started sucking my nipples. I started talking to him and asking if he liked that, if it felt good. He was just Mm-hmm because his mouth was full of my tits. I watched as I stroked him and I saw the little drops of clear fluid seeping from the tip of his dick. I started stroking him faster and asked him if he was going to cum. I got the same reply as before. At that point I started telling him to Cum for me. I want to see it. I want to watch you cum for me. He moaned and groaned and was moving his hips up and down. I saw just a little stream of cum seep out of him. He sucked my nipple in so hard that it almost hurt right as a huge stream of cum shot out of him and way up in the air. That was followed by 2, maybe 3 more. There was cum on him, cum on my bed somewhere, cum running down my hand and who knows where else. When he finished I went and got some towels and we cleaned up. While doing that he told me that he never expected that to happen. I told him I didn't either. He asked me if I felt bad about it and I told him I didn't feel bad about it at all. He said we shouldn't have and all of that and that's when I said, Daddy, we both enjoyed it, okay? It's nobody's business and it's not like you raped me or anything, Hell, it was MY idea. I'm not a child, okay? He just nodded his head and said nobody could ever know. I couldn't help but laugh at that and said, No shit, Sherlock and he laughed at that. Then he told me that it was a one time thing so I asked him why? He didn't say anything right away so I followed up with, I really like it, all of it, and I want to do it again. A couple nights later we did it again. One night we were doing it, he was doing it to me, when asked him if he would use his tongue. I think he wanted to do just that because he kissed all the way down my body and put his head between my legs. When I was finished I returned the favor. We did that a few more times and one night after he made me cum, he was getting up, thinking I was going to suck him. As she was doing so I told him, I want you inside me. He kind of froze and I said, Please. He lowered himself down between my legs and rubbed my pussy with his cock before slowly sliding it inside me. We've been having sex for 5 years now and nobody knows or suspects. It's none of their business anyway. We have a lot of sex and for me, it's very satisfying sex that I enjoy engaging in a lot. I love the way he touches and pleases me and I love touching and pleasing him.


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