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I'm pretty nervous around girls, and my first cousin is the only hot girl I've hugged, and I love it too because it's the only time I feel boobs, oh god my cousin's boobs feel so soft and good. It's like the best feeling.

Posted Nov 1, 2019 13:55 by anonymous
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  • Commented Jan 14, 2020 06:59 by anonymous

    It is legal to marry your first cousin, in almost all countries in Our World.

  • Commented Mar 20, 2020 21:20 by anonymous

    Time to drill the cousin.

  • Commented Mar 20, 2020 21:23 by anonymous

    “Time to drill the cousin.”

    No rubbers, no pulling out!

  • Commented Jul 1, 2020 17:32 by Isld anonymous

    Only if the other family members know what is going on, and how do they feel about close relationships. We are already living in an incestral world anyway. So, see who in the family will reject it.

  • Commented Oct 25, 2020 22:45 by anonymous

    Gosh I wanted to nail my cousin good! We would have mated for years

  • Commented Jan 28, 2021 22:29 by anonymous

    My aunt and uncle almost always lived near to us so we spent a lot of time with our cousins, especially vacations. I noticed when I was 14, that my 10 yo boy cousin was starting to sit with me a lot more than he used to. And he would put his arms around me or hug me just... I guess just a little too much so that I noticed it. After a bit, i just decided he was more "touchy-feely" than most people.

    About when he turned 12 (and I was 16), I think he must've hit puberty because he started being a lot more deliberate in his "hugs." He was patting my bottom way more than anyone else, including my parents, and many times when he'd throw an arm around my shoulders, his fingers would "accidentally" brush against the sides of my breasts. And I remember one time at the lake, several of us went swimming. And afterwards, we were laying on big rocks by the shore to dry off. He laid right next to me. I had very dark sunglasses on so he couldn't see my eyes, but I could see his. The little turd was trying to look down my top and, I think, my bikini bottoms. The material stretched between my hip bones and you could see a little ways underneath - and he was definitely looking. And, as proof, I notice he had a little hard on going. I SO wanted to say something but I figured it would embarrass him too much. I thought it was kind of cute, too. But, yeah, also a little creepy. He was 13 and I was 17.

    Thing is, when I read what the OP wrote, I thought, "Is that him????" So, OP, if your initials are BM, I KNEW you were looking and trying to feel me up. I just let you do it cuz you were so cute at it.

  • Commented Jan 28, 2021 22:34 by anonymous

    She could tell you like her boobs by the lil boner in your pants

  • Commented Feb 25, 2021 09:17 by CuriousNow

    “She could tell you like her boobs by the lil boner in your pants”

    LOL - exactly what I was thinking when I read it!

  • Commented Apr 2, 2021 12:21 by anonymous

    How old are you and your cousin? Still in your teens?

  • Commented Jun 3, 2021 10:06 by anonymous

    This reminds me of a kid at school that kept feeling up my breasts, and giving them a bit of a squeeze. Eventually I got bored with his incessant groping and told him that he should let me feel him up too. Fair’s fair, right? He was delighted, and agreed immediately. I put my hand down the front of his trousers, past his hardening dick and held his testicles in my hand, telling him how they felt lovely and soft. Then I squeezed them, not much harder than he had been squeezing my breasts, thanked him & walked away. It was some time before he was able to get up, let alone walk away!

  • Commented Jun 3, 2021 10:45 by anonymous

    She knows and is letting you do it. When I first started noticing and wanting my hot older sister's body and heaving, firm tits, I'd spend as much time with her as possible (which was a lot), and hug and touch her often. Most times I hugged her, I'd sneak in some sort of touch or feel of her tits, especially when she wore a tight, low-cut tank or bikini top. She let me do it and would smile, and if I maybe groped them too hard, would smile and say "Hey, now", meaning, that one was too hard, ease up next time. I'd handle and cup them in her car, which she was fine with, and, same thing. Get over-grabby or squeeze them too hard, and she'd let me know. One time, I did a two-handed, too-tight, right up her shirt grope of her tits and grabbed them several times in a row, and she told me, don't do that, or you'll never touch me or my tits again.

  • Commented Jun 24, 2021 09:35 by anonymous

    I used to fuck my first cousin when she was 18, I messed around with her and would play with her huge titties when she was just 15 and it was oh so hot! We fucked so much when she hit 18 that she ended up getting pregnant and kept the baby, I moved in with her and we now have 5 beautiful kids! And the sex is still the hottest I’ve ever had! I’ve been with plenty of women before, even strippers that were hot, but nothing comes close to sex with my first cousin! Maybe subconsciously now, I haven’t gotten over the taboo part of it, and I must also add the fact that she is a freak and open about it! She has done some wild things for me and is considering doing others! Her pussy tastes so good! She is hands down a sexy beautiful beast!


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