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I'm almost 30 and have no idea what to do with myself. I love film, I love cartoons, I love studying animals, I love comedy. But what the hell do I do?

Posted Jul 14, 2019 13:13 by anonymous
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    It's a good thing that you love comedy so much because your whole life up to this point has been one big joke.
    You can't spend your complete learning years diddling all your time away on social media, YouTube, and mastering Xbox and expect to be prepared to make a living in the real world.
    Maybe you need to go to your "safe space" and sit on your ass waiting for the Progressive's to start paying you $2000 a month not to work. Possibly you could take out a series of nice big Student Loans and get your Masters degree in Xbox over the next 4 years. By then you shouldn't have to worry because by then the Progressive Democrats will have passed the Student Loan forgiveness program so you won't have to pay any money back to those damned capitalist leader's.
    If you play your cards right you could become a Professional Student and remain in college until you are ready to retire. Cradle to grave you won't have to do anything that you don't like doing such as work at a real job or accomplish anything worthwhile in your pathetic shallow life.

  • Commented Jul 1, 2020 19:24 by anonymous

    You need to get motivated. Get your debt don and get some kind of training.

  • Commented Jul 2, 2020 04:14 by anonymous

    All of those things that you mentioned are great hobbies. They are a difficult way to make a living. The last thing that you want to do is to take on 100k or 200k of student loan debt, then not be able to get a job. I bet you that not 1 person in 100 who attempts it is able to make a living drawing cartoons.

    In encourage you to get a degree in a STEM field or health care. Let that be the way you earn your living. They may not be as cool and fun as some of the things you mentioned, but they pay well. Then with all the money you make from that job, you can take up all the other activities as hobbies. You can take comedy classes and drawing / art classes all your life. Or you can just be another college graduate with a 100k$ degree asking people if they want fries with their burger. The choice is yours.

  • Commented May 16, 2022 14:27 by anonymous

    It seems that you would be happier doing voice overs on comedy cartoons about groups of animals. The problem is that they give all those jobs to famous actors who don’t really need the money.


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