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I’m [21m] not in love with my gf [20f] anymore.... I’m numb... in fact I resent her... meanwhile she’s madly in love with me

Posted Jul 10, 2019 15:00 by anonymous
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  • Commented Nov 22, 2019 14:45 by anonymous

    My daughter was dating a man for a year when she was 20 he was 26 at that time I was 41 omg he was so good looking and just a sweetheart. He helped me with things around the house and I had the hots for him I was a single mom at the time. We all stayed at my summer house for a week in the summer it was my daughter him and my friend Linda and our friends joe and Kim that week he and my daughter decided To just be friends I was sad but happy but my friend Linda stared flirting with him after my daughter had to leave 3 days in for a job. She told him to stay he was working on my boat that has not started in two year's he got it going and we all got on the boat for a boat ride. Linda was hanging on him and laying it on thick with him it was bothering me linda is two years younger then me and I think a lot better looking then me. When we got back to the house we had a big dinner planed he was just great helping with dinner the next day joe and Kim had to go back home and Linda was going back with them mike was leaving as wall. I was looking forward to time to myself for the next 4 day’s.
    After they all had gone I was playing Music loud in the house so I did not hear the door bell I was in the kitchen when a hand Touch my shoulder I screamed and jumped it was Mike he gave me a hug and said sorry that I did not answer the door. I asked him what he was doing back he said he did not want me to be alone I told him I wanted to be alone I was ok with that he said ok I wanted to be here with you. He started looking me up and down and I realized I was I was only in a see throw shirt I said omg let me go put something on he got my hand and said please don’t you look beautiful that’s when he pulled me to him and he kissed me and I about passed out. He said he could not stop thinking about me and he kissed me again his hand started moving on my ass and one moved up to my breast. When he said I want to make love to you so bad I knew then I wanted him too I then got his hand and I walked him to my bedroom he pulled my top off and I was standing in front of him with nothing on and I started undoing his shorts when I put his hard cock in my hand I became a horny slut I drop down to my knees and I started sucking him. I could have sucked his big hard cock all afternoon long. But he pulled me up and put me on the bed and he started going down on me. I had never came that much in my life and when he was inside me I knew I was never going to let him go. For the 4 days it was just he and I we had the best time we made love on the boat out in the water that was 7 years ago he and I are still together and we have not been apart in thematic 7 year's if he ever asked me to marry him I would in a heartbeat.

  • Commented Jun 28, 2020 04:56 by anonymous

    There are way too many red flags in your relationship for it to have much of a chance of working out. Most likely, she is still doing things behind your back. It's just that she's better now at covering it up.

  • Commented Apr 9, 2021 00:44 by anonymous

    Dump the GF. Move home, and work on your relationship with your mother. Incest is the best, your relationship with mom will get stronger.

    Your GF isn't mature enough for marriage. She needs to have a train run on her with a nigger nuttin all uo in there, impregnating her, and send her into single motherhood with her mocha baby, trying to get back with white dudes.

    Recap: Send her packing, get home, sleep with your mum.


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