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I work a job a s a janitor and I don’t mind. 4 days a week I am it on a suit and go to my normal bar and get trashed. I talk to everyone knows me. Most people think I’m a colon at a high end restaurant. I just love wearing a suit and getting drunk

Posted Nov 10, 2018 20:17 by anonymous
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  • Commented Jun 22, 2021 07:27 by anonymous

    Though I don't know what a "colon" at a restaurant is, I can relate to the rest. I used to do legal proceedings by phone, and, despite my explaining to people what I did, they still thought I was an attorney or paralegal. I worked from home, so dressed casual, but, would also go to my local sports bar fairly often during the daytime, talk about this or that case hearing, and since I knew the language, sound like an attorney. I'd sit, drink, and talk to people who'd ask for legal advice on what I was doing, they had this happen to them, what would I do or recommend, etc. All while downing tall drafts and the very occasional shot. I had fun with it, knowing my real role, which wasn't bad, but I wasn't a lawyer, either, and people asking for legal advice. I mean, who asks for legal advice from someone they think is an attorney, at a sports bar, in the middle of the day? Yeah, sure, I'm legal counsel. How about another shot while we pick at these buffalo wings? People are so stupid and easily fooled. I was half-hammered, and they're asking for legal input.

  • Commented Jun 22, 2021 07:32 by anonymous

    Work as a janitor is a very respectable thing. It's a person who actually works for a living. I have great respect for people who work. Janitor or people who put long hours in at a fast food restaurant etc. It's very respectable.

    As for dressing up then having drinks, that's fine too. If people think you do another type of job that's okay. I see there might be another round of stimulus checks for working people & of course the elderly & disabled. I hope it happens. I don't qualify but I understand how hard it is for people because prices have gone so high on everything. I hope the janitor gets a double check.

  • Commented Jul 13, 2021 16:22 by anonymous

    nice. hey, you got any pot?


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