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I wonder how many posts on here wouldn’t have existed if it wasn’t for alcohol. What was a time you’ve done something you’d never have the guts to do if it wasn’t for liquid courage?

Posted Jun 27, 2019 21:42 by anonymous
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  • Commented Jun 27, 2019 21:52 by anonymous

    Licked another girl's pussy.

  • Commented Dec 3, 2019 18:09 by anonymous

    I got drunk my sophomore year at university and was at a frat house, I let 8 guys fuck me that night, I found it funny , when they said I was pulling a train...
    I just knew I kept having orgasm and I wanted more,,,
    For rest of year guys were asking me out, thinking I would just fuck them , but they did not realize, I am only a slut, if I drink.
    Even today,, I only did our 5 threesomes( husband and third person,, sometime girl sometimes man); let husband first fuck my ass, let myself get fully body paint and walk the street nude in Key west during Fantasy Fest when I was drunk....

  • Commented Dec 3, 2019 18:13 by anonymous

    For your own sake, I hope your friendships aren't as fake as your courage

  • Commented Feb 26, 2021 09:20 by anonymous

    One night I got piss drunk and walked to my pickup truck, which was parked in front of the house, completely naked. Then proceeded to drive to the local park, get out, and walked around the park and surrounding neighborhood still completely naked. I at some point needed to shit, so I squatted over the pitchers mound in the middle of the baseball field and emptied my bowels. Thankfully it wasn’t solid enough because I didn’t eat anything that day.
    I must have walked around for an hour before settling down in the playscape in the kids area and jerked off furiously, and sprayed cum all over the kid slide. Then I got into my truck and went home. Parked right in front of the house again and went back into my apartment like it was a normal thing to do.

  • Commented Apr 1, 2021 21:14 by anonymous

    I guess if this website was sent back in time to the 1900s and 1910s, it would have led to even greater calls for Prohibition. Yikes!

  • Commented Sep 22, 2021 22:51 by anonymous

    Back in the 80s around 86, I was 14 years old. Went to a party a few houses down from mine. Got really drunk and was walking back home. It was around 3 am.
    My next-door neighbor saw me. She was sitting on her porch unable to sleep. She had me come in her place so I wouldn't wake my parents up and get caught.
    She was in her early 40s but looked pretty good for her age. I remember her sitting on the couch and I was in the chair and we were talking. I kept looking at her.
    She was in joking pants, t-shirt, and her hair was down. She was wearing Reebok Freestyles Hi which was popular back then.
    Being drunk something came over me and I got up and set down on the floor at her feet. We were still talking and I just started rubbing her feet through her shoes.
    She was giggling and asked what I was doing? I answered nothing, just playing. She just sat there watching. After a minute or so I just started licking and kissing her shoes.

    She started laughing and said you are really drunk. I never said a thing just kept licking. Then I laid down and was licking the bottoms of her shoes. She just sat there looking at me.
    Then she placed one foot on my chest and I held the other licking it. She honestly turned on the T.V. and started watching T.V. I remember doing this for over an hour. After a while, I stopped and she
    looked down and said they are well clean now. Then she got up and went got a pillow. Handed it to me and I put it under my head. She sat back down and placed both Reeboks on my chest. We stayed lick that talking and cutting up till the sun came up. Then when I had sobered up I said I really should try to sneak back home. She gave me and hug and kiss on the forehead and we never talked about that night again.

  • Commented Sep 22, 2021 23:44 by anonymous

    I had sex with my moms boyfriend, Fred and his best friend, John. First time doing anal. First time double penetrated. The short of it is that I had a lot to drink at a party when I was 15. I went through a bad drug and drinking phase after the divorce and especially with my mom dating. Then Fred moved in after only 4 months. I just was a pissed off teenager. I was wearing “whore” clothes as my mom would say. A plaid skirt and a half shirt that was white so it showed my belly off and my piercing and my lace bra was easily visible. I had plan to fuck this guy at the party and it didn’t work out. I got home to mom working night shift and he was in the garage drinking with his friend. He turned it into a man cave of some sort. As much as I despised him, he was good looking. Free years younger than my mom. Good shape. Tall and handsome. I had some coke left from the party and I took the last line iff the kitchen table. John seen me, he was coming in to use the bathroom. He said he had some good shit if I wanted another bump. I went out with him and my moms boyfriend was like what the fuck was he doing. He said relax, she sniffed the last of hers. He looked at me and I asked for a shot. He didn’t even stop me. I grabbed a shot of vodka from behind his little bar. I hung around for maybe 20 minutes and I wanted a big bump. I asked if he would break me out a line. He said he wound if I did it off his dick. Fred punched him in the shoulder and he said look at me, I was half naked and coked up, who cares. He got his dick out which looked semi hard. He gave me a small line and said to take another off of Fred. I took the small line, licked the residue of course and did the same to Fred. John said I liked big dicks didnt I? Coke made me so horny and I was on my knees with two dicks there. John put a little more on and told me to suck it off. I love sucking dick even back then. He said some more off of Fred. Then he grabbed my ass. He spread my cheeks open while I sucked Fred. He sprinkled some on my thong and got most of it. He moved my thong and said damn that was a wet pussy. He stood me up and spread my ass to show Fred. John asked if I wanted to cum. I was fucked up and almost begged lol. He opened my legs in the chair and ate my pussy. I said to Fred I needed to suck dick. I was out of my mind high and came hard. John said I had to try my pussy. Fred licked me and I sucked John. Another incredible orgasm. Fred was between my legs with his cock in his hand I said just do it. I went back to fucking John and felt my pussy get that dick. John wanted some too. I said to let my suck my juices off his cock. John looked at me and said I was a little slut huh. He stopped fucking me. Got us 3 lines and three shots. He sat and told me to spit on his dick. He did too. He pulled me down and I felt it go in my ass but I felt almost no pain. I was numb almost. He played with my tits and I pushed my ass on him and up and back on him. He lifted my hips and offered me to Fred. Fred slammed my ass almost making me cum. John put himself back in my ass and I spread my pussy. I said fill me Fred. He spit but I was so wet. It was so intense and I came hard. They asked where to cum and I said right where you are. They went harder and harder. They choked me and grabbed my tits. John came in my ass and I grabbed Fred and told him to cum in his girlfriend’s daughters pussy. That turned him on and he did. Nothing was said for about a week. I was alone with Fred and horny. I grabbed a dildo then thought what for, there’s dick in the next room. I asked him to fuck me and he said thst was one time and never again and kept talking until I pulled down my pants and touched my smooth pussy. I grabbed something off the table which left my ass and pussy near his face. He grabbed my hood and ate me. We fucked for do long I was so sweaty. Too bad my mom only dated him another year.

  • Commented Jan 22, 2022 18:40 by anonymous

    My brother talked me into flashing him. Then I watched him masturbate and cum into a cup.

  • Commented Oct 8, 2022 12:06 by anonymous

    I was at my usual sports bar one afternoon and had more than a few drinks in me, buzzed if not near-drunk, and started chatting with a hot, sexy, a little past her prime biker woman, who spoke of her "bitch", meaning, her bike, had her long, jet-black nails on my thigh, and was way flirty with me. I'm not normally a biker chick type, even though I do find them sexy, had some liquids in me, so thought, go for it, she looks ready. Maybe not like she did at 25-30, but this middle-age or close to it biker chick is ready and wants to fuck. I indulged her conversation, went outside to see her bitch, grabbed her tight-jeaned ass, which she loved, planted a deep, against a side wall oral mauling to her red lips, and told her. Told, not flirted or suggested. Flat-out told her, we're going to my house and fucking our brains out. I'm paying the bill, and we're leaving. Bike stays here, I'll take you back for it. She was blown away by how direct and I want you I was, so said yes, ok, I was aiming for that anyway. I just took control and ordered her, we're going to fuck, now. Maybe minus the drinks, I wouldn't have been like that, but damn it was fun. And her body was un-fucking-real. One of the sexiest women I've ever been with.

  • Commented Oct 8, 2022 12:15 by anonymous

    Forced my ex into anal while I was drunk


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