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I only recently registered to vote(pot bill for state). I have literally just voted all Republicans to spite Democrats for accusing a man or rape in the manner they did. I feel conflicted. But justified.

Posted Oct 4, 2018 02:31 by anonymous
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  • Commented Feb 10, 2020 10:41 by anonymous

    Wise choice.....but stay off the drugs.

  • Commented Sep 30, 2020 19:21 by anonymous

    The dims accuse the right of hating other racescand all sorts of things. I'm in my 60's and have never heard the word used so often. It's coming from the left though. Started with i hate Donald Trump even though not a one of them could give a specific reason. It became a pandemic of hate. Even while obama was president i never heard the hatred that Donald Trump has received. Even people the left calls weren't stomping screaming how much they hate him and believe me we had reason to. He was too much of a Casper Milquetoast to really upset anyone. A do nothing kind of person. Which he was quite adept at. Ivknow you folks won't like this, but the fact is thevyoung folks have reacted to this election like it was the last president we'll have. We knew obama would be history (thank god for term limits) so we just bided our time. If Trump wins i wonder what else they will burn to the ground or destroy.
    I know you all think you are unique doing all these protests. If you look back a short while ago to the 60's they were way ahead of y'all. So you are nothing new or special. They burned down Watts back then. I'll never get the burn your own town down and steal the shop owners blind while looting. Thosebpeople had the balls to open shops in your crime ridden neighborhood and that's how you repay. And you wonder why some folks are racist. They can march burn change laws, but you can't legislate how people think and feel. Black people are not doing themselves any favors right now. For every action there is going to be a reaction. I'm not talking about civil war that's a bunch of nonsense. It will come in the form of further discrimination. Don't believe just wait and see. The blacks are being placated right now, but the other shoe hasn't dropped yet.


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