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I never got to talk about my rape to anyone, only small bits to my therapist, but I think it's time for me to reflect on what happened, so here's my story of how it all began and ended. I hope that this helps me move on.

Posted Nov 27, 2019 16:17 by anonymous
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  • Commented Nov 27, 2019 16:41 by Wizard

    Please get into therapy. Any rape treatment program can refer you to a no-cost therapy agency. Self harm is dangerous and can be helped with therapy. What you have described is classical child rape stuff.

  • Commented Feb 23, 2020 11:53 by anonymous

    If you want to have a good life, then you can have one. You will always remember what happened to you, but then you can put those memories away, and get on with your life. You are VERY strong, otherwise you wouldn't have survived this long. If you want to turn your life around, and start having a good life, you CAN do it! I am praying for you. God Bless, and Namaste.

  • Commented May 30, 2020 03:21 by anonymous

    I read full story. All the best girl. I wish you overcome it soon.

  • Commented Jun 19, 2020 09:00 by anonymous

    You are more precious than all this stuff that you’ve been through. Somebody’s got a great plan for your life. I’m sure it’s hard to see that through all the hardships you’ve faced, but I’ve been through something very similar. You have a testimony in the making.

    Hoping and praying that you’ll find peace and strength.

    Jeremiah 29:11

  • Commented Jun 27, 2020 02:41 by anonymous

    If you work long enough and hard enough, you will be able to get past most of this. It will always be present, but it can represent a smaller part of who you are as time goes on. But it will not fix itself magically. It will require you to work honestly with a therapist for a long period of time.

    Best wishes to you in successfully moving on from this.

  • Commented Oct 11, 2020 17:45 by anonymous

    I'd love to kill him.

  • Commented Dec 19, 2020 23:01 by anonymous

    You really are an evil narcissistic manipulative dumb bitch. You might fool all these people but anyone with common sense and intelligence can see right through you. You're a sick person. You weren't raped by your cousin you liar. Every bit of your story is bullshit to make you look good. Like you're just a poor innocent victim, when in reality it's clear you were just a jealous bitch that started shit and got revenge. I don't know if you realize it or not, but you're not that smart. Any intelligent person can pin point everything wrong with your sob story.

    Females like you make me sick. As soon as someone does something you don't like you go into victim mode and try to distance yourself. "Oh poor me... my cousin stuck his dick in me after I whispered no but let him fuck me anyway." And then you even tried to help him hide it from your parents so you guys wouldn't get caught. That's not a rape victim does you stupid evil cunt. How dare accuse someone of rape to make yourself look good. You clearly weren't raped you sick bitch. You willingly fucked him for years and even admitted to liking it. But because he started fucking someone else, you got jealous and wanted him thrown out. Not because he raped you, but because he was fucking other girls. You think people are too stupid to see through that?

    "Don't think I didn't try to tell my family because I did."

    LOL. No the fuck you didn't.You never told your parents shit about that. Why? Because you know he didn't rape you. You know you were a willing participant. You probably instigated the whole thing. A real rape victim doesn't sit there at hint at things. A real rape victim doesn't care if the rapists fucks other people. You were emotionally attached and felt hurt because he fucked other girls. It's all in your bullshit story once you strip away the "poor me I'm such a victim" nonsense.

    People like you are fucked up. You're probably so good at playing the victim that you should walk around with your own body chalk. Dumb bitch.

  • Commented Dec 19, 2020 23:11 by anonymous

    My girlfriend used to cut herself in a past relationship and it makes me sad to see those marks on her arms. Try not to ruin your future by ruminating over your past

  • Commented Jan 3, 2021 04:40 by anonymous

    Umm... "and he starts to undress me and I keep trying to push him away but he keeps insisting and he gets me down, I think he had me on my knees, and he sticks it in and it hurts and I tell him that it hurts but he continues, and then we here someone getting up, so he quickly gets up and sneaks back to his room, and I go to the bathroom to make it seem like everything was normal."

    So you told him no and he forced you...but you go to the bathroom to make things seem normal so you won't get caught. hmmm

    "and so he would come up several times a day to hangout with me, which then led to him fingering me, mostly by surprise, I would be doing my homework or some sh\*t and he would just start touching me, grabbing my boobs, wanting to make out."

    So he would come to you several times a day to finger and make out... but it was mostly by surprise... uh huh. Surprise its my 5th time here to finger you. What a surprise.

    I call bullshit. None of this was rape. It sounds more like you just got pissed off and decided to be vindictive because you felt used. And to make yourself feel better about being a slut, you want to accuse him of rape. Even though he didn't rape you at all. That's pretty fucked up.


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