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I just gave someone platinum and I don't remember why. I hope it brings them joy and they spread the wealth, but for the life of i can't remember. I have an email from Google for a charge for it... I'm sure it was worth it. Love you stranger!

Posted Dec 19, 2018 23:50 by anonymous
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  • Commented Dec 20, 2018 00:06 by anonymous

    Can you explain what the heck your referring to?

  • Commented Nov 9, 2021 08:16 by anonymous

    I did similar. This red head was having the time of her life.
    She was so full of life I admired her, her boyfriend the complete opposite, i figured a waste of space.
    As i walked out the door she fronted me. Can you exchange cyber money blah blah for something and?
    I said no I have no idea what your talking about. Handed over $50.
    Enjoy as i walked out the door. It was a kewl exit, stranger does good and then leaves..
    Doh. My white horse (mate) had left and now i stood there like an idiot waiting for a taxi.

    Her boyfriend fronts me, why you give my lady money?
    "Yes mate, it was a good deed thing. i liked her attitude, so full of life".
    Yep went south from there. I wasn't suppose to be here. donate and go... mystery man..
    "You think $50 is what's she's worth"? give me $100 and she's yours for tonight".

    So I gently patted his chin and knocked him on his arse. bounces jumped me.
    I got three down, that was fun! Then the other bounces jumped in.

    Gwad, No good deed goes unpunished. sigh and this one just kept giving.

    The next day I met my sons new girlfriend. Guess who? The Red head.
    She hadn't done anything wrong other than that dick bloke she was with the night before.. So i said nothing.
    She might be good for my son.

  • Commented Apr 19, 2023 15:29 by DirtyCool

    Sounds like a phishing email. I hope you didn't click on any links in that or divulge any sensitive banking info. You should call your card vendor directly..


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