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I haven’t weighed myself since Christmas because you don’t know if you’ve gained weight if you don’t weight yourself

Posted Feb 10, 2019 13:00 by anonymous
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  • Commented Jul 17, 2019 11:24 by anonymous

    What an ignorant statement. A mirror will show added weight when you've gained enough - or you'll notice clothing not fitting. My spouse has gained a mere 60 pounds or so. She's got a hanging gut and is bigger than I am. You're saying she hasn't gained weight unless she gets on a scale???

  • Commented Dec 11, 2022 08:41 by anonymous

    People who are weight conscious usually know anyway. My hot older sister had a period of not eating and needing to be bikini-bridge thin, with the concave, soft tummy, slender hips, and size 0 jeans, and always knew if she gained or lost weight. I'd spend time at her apartment with her, and she always wore short crop tops, tied t-shirts, shorts or sweats and a bikini top, anything to show off her thin, sexy body. I'd wrap both hands around her waist, touching my thumbs, and squeeze her, which made her laugh, tell me she loved when I did it, and she'd guess if she lost or gained even a pound. We'd hit the bathroom scale, and she was rarely wrong on her gain (which was hardly ever), loss, or same. People would yell at her to eat, you're too thin, etc, but I was the only one to always tell her she looked great, hot, sexy, and keep doing what you're doing. Even if she wasn't wearing a tummy and navel-baring shirt when I got there, she soon was, as wanted me to see how thin and bikini bridge she was.


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