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I give myself a BJ about twice per week

Posted Sep 13, 2019 12:09 by anonymous
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  • Commented Mar 17, 2020 09:05 by anonymous

    I've often thought that one of the best gifts a father can give to his son is to get him involved in yoga as a toddler, and don't let him quit. Whenever he wants to quit tell him it's good for his health, and tell him he'll thank you some day, and insist he stick with it. When he's going through puberty and begins exploring his body sexually you will no longer have to pressure him to do his yoga. He'll figure out on his own why it's so good for his health. When he can lay on his back and roll up onto his shoulders and pull down on his ass cheeks until his cock is so far into his mouth/throat that his bottom lip is against his abdomen and his hot sweaty balls are laying on his top lip and nose he'll know EXACTLY why you made him stick with it, and the two of you will have a bond like no other!

  • Commented May 18, 2020 13:16 by anonymous

    When I was about 12 to about 15 I could throw my legs up over my head while lying on my bed all the way up against the hardboard. I would plant my feet on the wall and with just a little pushing I at first could just lick the tip of my penis. I was a tall almost 6 foot thin but muscular kid who did a lot of bike riding and running and hiking. As time went by I could get a little more of my penis in my mouth. After a couple of months doing this several times a week I could get about half of my 6 inch at that time penis in my mouth. It was hard to breathe in that position so I would suck for a while then rest then resume sucking until I blew all over my face. Later I learned to just cum in my mouth as it was a lot easier to clean up. I had started ejaculating at around at age 11 so by this time I would shoot quite a lot, about8 to 10 spurts.

    Some years later I was talking with my mother about painting several rooms in the house when she mentioned I should plan on painting my room. Then she added she had no idea how those scuff marks over my bed headboard got on the wall. I just blushed and said nothing.


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