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I feel alienated, angry and hurt all the time and i absolutely hate it. I hate my family. I just want to move away one day and forget them all, it's like they are sucking the life out of me. I doubt i will get any closure in life if i don't do this.

Posted Jul 10, 2019 21:11 by anonymous
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    I'm sorry for your situation and also about how you got no reply for so long. In your place I'd just focus on the future (how to be financially independent of my family) and I'd try to not be too emotional about the legal path to the birth date. Try being diplomatic when confronting parents (legal and biological) and they might tell you stuff. Say that it won't matter to your relationship (even if it will) just to get information. Once you have information you can have a nice big freakout and get your revenge or whatever. Try coaxing information out of them since they are not decent enough to reveal it without manipulation.

    I dislike my family too. They seem to not notice the double standards they have. The difference between words and actions, they don't see the consequences pf their actions. So my response is to not care about them emotionally I'm just trying to be an okay roommate not their child. I have no connection with them and I don't care about them more than I care about humanity. I feel like I'm more distant from my only parents than you are from any of your family so... relax a little. And don't feel like you're any less... Remember they chose to have you. It's not like the biological family where they have kids just because condoms cost money and conservative grandparents prevent abortions.

    Try to be calm when you present your side of picture they probably feel like they'll loose you if they tell the truth?

    Also in my opinion parents are a societal function - WHICH IS OFTEN a biological relation too but it doesn't have to be.

    They chose you once. Now you should choose them back. And if you don't PRETEND you choose them so they pay for your college and you can get independent and find your own family where people will have the same morals as you.

    Best of luck.



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