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I am no longer religious and I have no idea how to handle it

Posted Aug 1, 2019 00:26 by anonymous
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  • Commented Aug 1, 2019 10:32 by anonymous

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  • Commented Aug 1, 2019 11:27 by anonymous

    God doesnt exist , you're right to have doubts, just look at all that happens in the world, death, killings, abuse . Then theres those so called Natural Disasters but wait didnt God create this earth and heavens? So why are so many being killed by earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis? Why are there so many different religions out there yet they fight and kill each other? Wouldn't you think if there was a God he would clear up any confusion so the killings stop ? So either A. He doesnt exist or B. Hes a sick fuck that doesnt give a shit about any of us .

    Atheists didnt fly planes into building, religion did.

    If someone uses "god" to give them hope and strength to get through hard times then let them be but dont tell me some God is above us watching everything we do and gonna judge us all some day while we are suffering and dying down here. Children , 5yo being shot in schools, children being left to burn alive in cars by their own parents or left in hot cars with no AC yet God does nothing.
    So fuck God, if he actually does exist and it's my time to be judge I will tell him to fuck off and I will judge him for being absent and neglectful to his "children he claims to love"

    Religion is bullshit

  • Commented Aug 1, 2019 11:33 by anonymous

    Oh forgot to add "God works in mysterious way"
    Yeah fuck off with that already. Nothing mysterious about children dying.

  • Commented Aug 1, 2019 11:36 by anonymous

    Its mainly brainwashing, if you were born and lived underground and were told the sky was orange , anyone that even remotely suggested it wasnt orange your mind wouldnt be able to handle it, would get confused and angry , "how could they possibly say it's not orange?!?!"

  • Commented Jul 8, 2020 06:04 by anonymous

    'God' is not a person.He is not an 'Old man in the sky'. 'God' is just a word we use for something that is indescribable, He is both outside us and within us.
    Search for the truth. I'm afraid that traditional religious sects will not help you because they are wedded to literal interpretations of the |Bible, which was written to be undertood by the oriental mind which interprets it differently. Hell as you think of it does not exist.
    Read some Buddhism. You only need to acceot those teachings that are heplful to you. Start meditating. Practise Mindfulness. Look for someone who can discuss these matters dispassionately.
    Peace be with you now and always. You are not the only person to go through this.

  • Commented Jul 8, 2020 07:27 by anonymous

    I too was raised in the church but I never understood what all was being said. By the time I was in college I didn't believe in the Lord God. I was more atheist than agnostic. Around 1974, the Lord God made himself known to me in no uncertain terms, no it was not an accident or life threating happening, but when it was over there was no doubt I was not the same person I was, I have never looked back.

    The Lord God has been teaching me for the last 46 years. I do not attend any church as most of their teaching is Gnostic and not the true Word of the Bible. I teach the Word from the Bible.

    Many of you will say there is not God, I pray you will learn the truth because things are going to happen in the next few years you might not like.

  • Commented Jul 19, 2021 19:46 by anonymous

    Creation begs a creator but I see no evidence of G-d taking an active role. No healings no miracles. Sorry. I'd say hang in there till you're 18 then let em have it. Check out #exvangelical.


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