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I (25M) had sex for money with people ( Males and females) for money for an entire year to pay for my rent and my thyroïd operation.

Posted Apr 12, 2019 08:11 by anonymous
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  • Commented Oct 11, 2019 20:49 by anonymous

    Congratulations! Was the surgery a success? Nearly everyone has had to result to this or that to get by at some point in their life. My friend had "secret sex" with her boss several times to pay her car note so it wouldn't get impounded. She and him are still friends long after the car has ben paid off and the job was over.

  • Commented Jul 27, 2020 12:25 by anonymous

    I was a little kid when I first had gay sex with an older boy for money and I continued to be with guys for money throughout my teens.

  • Commented Feb 26, 2023 04:53 by anonymous

    After my husband left me and our son i fell on real hard tines and at 1st i started selling my dirty knickers on line and to certain men i knew. . I also offered pics of me wearing them and pics of my pussy and me doing stuff to my pussy well the money still want enough so i started meeting men for payed sex which i didnt like or want to do but i needed the money so badly but after meeting with a few men i started enjoying it i started getting men to come to my home i know i shouldn't of but every penny spared counted . Id meet them after my after went to bed it started soon got up to 4 plus men a night sometimes more depending how my pussy was feeling and how quickly the men cum . My son walked in on me getting fucked a few times i would get up and put him back to bed naked this 1 guy asked me if he payed extra would i let my son watch us fucking i said ok i told my son to get in bed with us and he watched me sucking the guys cock the guy licking me out then the guy fucking me in different potions. Then everytime he come he payed extra to have my son watch us so did a few other men wanted him to watch to my son started asking questions about it i told him the men pay me to have sex with them because we need the money to live he asked if he could help me i said no you are helping by just watching us . This 1 time my son was watching us he got this 1st erection well i was shocked but the guy loved it and asked my son to get it out i said to my son its up to you but you dont have to do it well my son got it out his cock and he started playing with it. Well to cut it short he payed extra to play with my sons cock and to suck it and for my son to suck his cock then the guy fucked me after the guy left i told my son he didnt have to do it but i was proud of him and he did good and i give him a kiss then we layed down cuddling. After a while my son started playing with my tits i felt his cock go hard against my legs i looked at him and said its ok he started kissing me so i started kissing him back he started sucking my tits then he asked if he could lick my pussy to i said if you want to but its not clean my son was straight down there licking the guys cum from out of my pussy i didnt know what to think or feel . I pulled my son up after a good few minutes then i started kissing him then i started sucking his cock it felt strange but nice well my son loved it because he soon sort of started Cumming in my mouth it tasted fresh we then kissed and cuddled for a while then 1s his cock become hard again which wasn't long i ket him put his cock inside me and fuck me the poor boy didnt have a clue so i told him to lay down and i sat on his cock his cock and i rode his cock until he cum in me he fucked me 3 more times after that then i started letting me son fuck me when he wants and when he would get payed to watch and join me and other men he started fucking me with them he would suck there cocks and he would fuck them and they fuck him we become a mother and son sex trio men loved him and his cock the money started rolling in my son would even wear some of my sexy underwear with stocking and suspenders and make up for the men he started getting more attention than me which i didnt mind it give my arse and pussy a rest plus my son loved it


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