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I(19) male dropped acid for the second time about 13 hours ago(of the time of writing) and so much crazy and wonderful stuff happened, including with a policeman, that I just felt the need to type it all before I crashed.

Posted Oct 23, 2019 13:23 by anonymous
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  • Commented Jan 4, 2020 09:56 by anonymous

    Public service announcement-this is why we don’t do drugs kids. This made no sense and over 1,000,000 brain cells were killed. Stick with weed or mushrooms. They occur from nature.

  • Commented Jun 23, 2022 07:54 by anonymous

    Too funny. I had a high as fuck night with my hot older sister in her apartment one night, including shots and body shots, and it was the most fucked-up I've ever been. The only good thing was that we weren't dumb enough to leave the apartment. We were laughing, messing around with each other's bodies, making fun of the people on the sidewalk from the window (there was no sidewalk..we were just seeing one), examining each of her killer-long, red nails, including my tracing them on a wall, her fridge, and both hands on her bare tummy with black eyeliner and telling her she was a work of art (and jokingly calling myself Art), and something about you know what's up on the shelf in the bedroom, that bedroom shelf, which she had none. We said something about shelves, and that came up. There was no bedroom shelf, only two very fucked-up, laughing, half, then full, naked people in the apartment. We were going to take a walk, then forgot about it and did more shots instead. Whole night, after maybe the first hour or so when she suggested going into the vase in the kitchen, where she kept her pot and shrooms, was a fun, mind-fog blur of minute to minute fucked up. We still side joke about it at gatherings, working in "bedroom shelves", or "her black eyeliner" during conversations. Only we know what it actually means. We haven't been that bad since, but wouldn't mind another run at it.


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