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Hooked up with a trans woman and now she’s blackmailing me

Posted Jan 8, 2020 16:50 by anonymous
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  • Commented Jan 8, 2020 17:36 by anonymous

    Never hook up with someone you just met. Get to know them first. I guess you learned that lesson the "hard" way.

  • Commented Jan 8, 2020 17:46 by anonymous

    You should beat the fuck out of him.

  • Commented Jan 8, 2020 17:53 by anonymous

    10 years ago I had sex with a Crossdresser at his place what I did not know he was videotaping us.

    He had video of me fucking him and him sucking me and yes I sucked him too.

    I ended up giving him $2.500 for the video. But 4 mo this later he wanted more money he had another video of us the last time I was with him. He asked for $5.000 this time but I was not going to pay him. I had to tell my best friend about him and what we did, he said we need to get the video and any other stuff he has. So we got in his house when he was not there and the stupid bitch had it all in his bed room we got everything he had and other stuff that I’m pretty sure he got with my money.

    After my bud walked up to him as he was getting off work and kicked his ass.

  • Commented Jan 8, 2020 18:08 by anonymous

    My job has me traveling allot I’m all over the United States and Canada staying in hotels. I stay in upscale hotels with nice restaurants and lounges where I usually sit and drink socialize with people. I started talking to a girl very well kept very elegant I could tell she wore designer shoes and dress. I wasn’t sure if she was an escort but it wouldn’t have been the first times I’ve meet one like this. Over an hours talking over drinks her hands touching my thighs casually while talking. I felt confident asking her to my room would be a go and it was she said yes. I still wasn’t sure if this was going to cost me it didn’t matter I make good money and get escorts all the time, my job makes it hard to have a relationship being out of town 90 percent on the time. We was kissing and her hand was rubbing my bulging cock as we was going up the elevator. We got to my room started kissing and my hand went up her skirt to feel a huge cock in her panties. I jumped back shocked she apologize saying I thought you knew I was a trans I’m so sorry. I could tell she was being honest and said the drinks blurred my vision but you do look like a girl. She laughed saying thanks and asked me if I wanted her to leave I said we can talk and have a few drinks. While talking she asked if I had ever been with a man I was quick to say never have and she dropped the subject. I laughed though saying I’ve been with to many prostitutes to count over the years traveling. I’m surprised having not tried a cock yet she smiled saying well maybe it wound be easier if you tried a cock with big tits. As she said that she exposed her perfectly shaped tits obviously fake but I’ve had many girls with fake tits. I said yeah it would definitely make it easier from their we ended up fucking thru the night. She had some kind of enlargement surgery done on her cock making it enormously thick. She was strong like a man and forced that thick cock up my ass holding me in place making me take it. I tired to get away but she was to strong and took me by force for over and hour but after about 10 minutes it had felt really good and I enjoyed it. We fell asleep and woke several time thru the night with her fucking me. In the morning I woke to find her going thru my pockets of my pants and jacket try to find my wallet. I’ve always made it a habit to put my wallet and valuables in the hotel safe. I asked what the fuck was she doing she said I’m not fucking free I said you never said you cost. She tried to say she would tell my wife and I laughed saying I’m not married. I grabbed her by the neck and punched her in the face a dozen times knocking it out. Dragging it to the elevator and pushing the lobby button to send it down. I panicked figuring all hell was going to break loss send a naked tranny into the lobby. I waited in my hotel room for the cops who never came thankfully.

  • Commented Jan 8, 2020 18:16 by anonymous

    Go to this freaks place and beat the shit out of his ass and kick him in the balls till he spews his guts out.

  • Commented Jan 8, 2020 18:22 by anonymous

    and your a politician or a royal or a deflated teacher and she was your student. that is the general story.


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