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Hey guys I'm going to kill myself. Alots been going on and I'm done, I'm not getting through it. I'm done and I have questions.

Posted Nov 2, 2019 23:43 by anonymous
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  • Commented Nov 2, 2019 23:54 by anonymous

    Don’t forget to set your clock back

  • Commented Nov 2, 2019 23:56 by anonymous

    Of you’re done, you can’t have questions.


  • Commented Nov 3, 2019 00:06 by anonymous

    It is selfish you fucking moron. Matter of fact I'll give you an idea why. If you had balls you'd just do it and not go out looking for info on how or even just tell anyone. By posting you're looking for attention, for people to try to stop you, to care like you want them to and that is the primary part that is selfish. Then to figure you know it won't harm anyone at all else so you're going to do it for you, not for anyone else...only you. This is also selfish as fuck. You know what, we can all tell you won't do shit and since this site allows you to hide behind the name anonymous you'll be back saying you're going to kill yourself over and over always looking selfishly for attention. All of you posters like this are exactly the same.

  • Commented Mar 25, 2021 21:06 by anonymous

    Bi polar, PTSD, Depression, Girl has my twins, left me after they were here 3yrs.....And remarried, I left up north to move back to the south, where no one ever understood me! Fck it, I tried what you'[re talking about 3 times or more! Realize this, the fact that you're talking about this means you've partially defeated the monster... I'm not on a preachy-preachy thing...quite the opposite.....Do the odd reverse, Go BIG with the goals you really want to do, it your way, let explan...Whatever job, dream, academia, you even thought about ..Get to and deny every bit of book, printed scholarly solution passed your....BUT always back it up with evidence, either in your experiences, what you've observed , or hell, the explanation of the fact that it's not "death" you're seeking (that implies suicide= hospital stay). No, be adamant in the fact that you simply want to cease to exist, makes them nuts, because in the Bible God love Enoch so much, he walked into heaven...Then after avoiding the hospitalization.. It might be a bit difficult in the beginning, but as you forget yourself, and throw yourself into whatever it id, Remember, in mind, it really doesn't matter....But when you get to that point of getting asked questions...You can say it like you want, and that's the "Honesty" that seldom seen! You'll still maintain your position as nuts, but you cant be refuted...I'm crazy as h*ll, Avid swinger(circa2009), Major in English/philosophy minor, three yrs post-grad towards master's in psychology....currently working on master's Human Service...My Dad, who passed 4yrs ago, grew up in Jim Crowe South and always spoke of the insanity of white people, alll while I was singer in Grunge band for 10yrs (so I was optimistic)..but look at freaking republicans...Anyway...It's better to stick around and annoy people with getting the accolades they seem to hold more precisions than the pain you live with on a daily basis, and be loud, ugly, and always when they to shun you and your can say, "It might be nuts, but I got this..."..Also I am a Army Vet..All this I do, to keep my mind off getting to where my dad is, to apologize!
    Just an opinion


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