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Have you watched someone cum in your wife?

Posted Jun 21, 2022 16:10 by anonymous
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  • Commented Jun 21, 2022 20:59 by anonymous

    Our first, an experienced black bull. He took my wife to bed on four occasions, wearing a condom. When he finished the fourth time, he informed that he was going to take her bareback the next round, so she’d better get on birth control. She visited the doctor the following Monday, to be prescribed and ready.

    It was a whole new exciting experience to watch him slide his unprotected black meat into my wife and I could see that she enjoyed the freshness of it. He drove himself slow and deep, ensuring to open my wife’s cunt for his ejaculation. She moaned with pleasure, curling her toes as she orgasmed in delight, while his balls slapped against her skin. When he finally released his cum into my wife, she let off a squeal that I’d never heard. He must have injected with a shot that tickled her most inner depths.

    She and he lay together, naked and within a couple hours, he was on my wife again. It was the first time I’d watch him have her twice on the same night.

  • Commented Jun 22, 2022 05:54 by anonymous

    Yes. I cheated on her before we were married and she swore she'd get me back. She got over it and I thought she forgot. But 3 years after we got married I was getting stressed in my job and my wife was getting sexually frustrated because I didnt last long. We had moved into a nicer place and our mortgage was quite high so I worked my ass off to pay it and keep her happy. Our neighbour was an older guy in his mid forties and was a life long bachelor but always had pretty girls over. We often heard them through the windows. My wife suddenly stated one evening after 5 minutes of sex that she was going to pay our neighbour a visit. She showered and did her makeup and went to knock on his door. I watched as she spoke to him for a few minutes then went in. She was gone for 2 hours. After she came back she was a mess and out of breath and very sweaty. I said to her that that means we're even and she laughed and said "yeah sure." Several days later I came home but she wasn't there. I went over to the neighbours and immediately heard a womans moans coming from the summer house at the bottom of his garden. I sneaked and hid and watched. He was on top with her legs spread wide and he was pounding down hard into her. I couldn't see her face but by the sound of her she was most certainly enjoying it and I must say I was starting to also. I watched and stroked my hard cock through my trousers and as I heard the woman's orgasm build and then she loudly came I soon followed then my heart almost stopped when I heard her say "do it,cum in me." He ploughed her harder and then groaned as he shot his load into her. As he slowed she wrapped her arms around his neck and they kissed. When he stood my fears were true as I saw my wife laying there with a huge smile looking up at him,she rubbed her open pussy until his cum started running out of her. I quietly left.

  • Commented Jun 22, 2022 06:31 by anonymous

    I love to see my wife take a load. Then i clean her up

  • Commented Jun 22, 2022 10:01 by anonymous

    Yes. After years of taking teasing and dirty talk during sex we took a huge risk and met a younger guy. This wasn't a drunk spur of the moment thing. We talked seriously about it. She picked the guy based on personality and looks. We met him at a bar we go to a lot in the summer. Great place huge outdoor area live music great party atmosphere.

    It is the sexiest hottest thing we ever ever did. The affair lasted almost three years. We went thru two of his girl friends, nether knew, he moved out of his apartment and lived with us for a couple months. It tapered off when he met a serious girlfriend. Craziest wildest tint of our lives. I would never change a minute of it.

    He is engaged butt a couple months ago he was having problems with his fiance. He reached out to my wife I think initially just to talk. They ended up getting tiger s couple times without telling me. Wife cracked out of guilt and told me

  • Commented Jun 22, 2022 10:46 by anonymous

    I have a few times and I must say it has gotten better each time. First time we were young(she 22,me 24) and had been married almost a couple years but we agreed to be open minded and not old fashioned. Some friends invited us to stay with them. They were a couple in their thirties(Will&Jess).We knew them close enough to know they swung and 2 nights into our stay they introduced us to the wonderful world of swapping. It was pure bliss as the experienced couple took the lead. My wife and I were on our backs with him thrusting into my wife with his wife riding me. We leaned over and kissed as we were both expertly pleasured. We were all thoroughly pleasured and just all laid in the bed naked together. Some point as I was making out with Jess and Will was behind my wife caressing her young body and kissing her neck,while squeezing her perfect boobs. One of his hands moved down her tummy and began rubbing her moist pussy lips. She responded by squeezing Wills growing boner. Pretty soon she wanted it and raised a thigh and Will started feeding his purple swollen cock head between her pussy lips. Her pussy almost sucked him into her. His entire length and it was very generous slipped all the way up her and she gasped her approval. He gave her slow very deep thrusts as he kissed and sucked her neck. She already began moaning as Jess noticed I was watching them and started stroking my dick. We watched and enjoyed as her man fucked my girl. My lady was loving his deep thrusts and she was moaning nicely. Will then moved her into doggy and grabbed her hips and thrusted harder. Jess got closer and started kissing my wife and she leaned over her and they full on made out. I climbed between Jess thighs and began fucking her. My wife orgasmed so fucking loud and wildly it shook the bed. Will held her hips tightly and kept going until he moaned himself and dumped his sperm into my wifes womb. I couldn't get Jess off because hearing those 2 orgasm just made me erupt.

  • Commented Jun 22, 2022 10:51 by anonymous

    It’s devastating. It’s erotic. It’s heartbreaking. It’s mind boggling. It’s humiliating. It’s pleasurable. It’s soul crushing. It’s satisfying. All those things at once.

  • Commented Jun 22, 2022 10:54 by anonymous

    Yes. Her first cousin. She was wasted and sleeping and he fucked her while she was out.

  • Commented Jun 22, 2022 10:57 by anonymous

    “It’s devastating. It’s erotic. It’s heartbreaking. It’s mind boggling. It’s humiliating. It’s pleasurable. It’s soul crushing. It’s satisfying. All those things at once.”

    No matter how much we talked about it before hand or hiow many times she reassured me. Jealousy was still a challenge. Sometimes it was a white hot hyper intense almost paralyzing feeling.

  • Commented Jun 22, 2022 10:59 by anonymous

    “It’s devastating. It’s erotic. It’s heartbreaking. It’s mind boggling. It’s humiliating. It’s pleasurable. It’s soul crushing. It’s satisfying. All those things at once.”

    Truly soul crushing is when she is cumming with him.

  • Commented Jun 22, 2022 11:01 by anonymous

    Watching my wife have sex with other men is one of my biggest turn ons.
    From the 1st French kiss, to them undressing together, to the last groan as they orgasm together.
    Then I get his sloppy 2nd's.

  • Commented Jun 22, 2022 11:06 by anonymous

    My wife sometimes fucks her brother in front of me. It’s not humiliating or anything weird cuz me & him were best buds and jerk buds before I ever started dating his sister. She’s loud and gushes. It’s hot to watch.

  • Commented Jun 22, 2022 11:11 by anonymous

    “My wife sometimes fucks her brother in front of me. It’s not humiliating or anything weird cuz me & him were best buds and jerk buds before I ever started dating his sister. She’s loud and gushes. It’s hot to watch.”

    I would have to fuck her immediately after he was done with her!

  • Commented Jun 22, 2022 11:17 by anonymous

    Yes , when I suspected she was cheating and went to her work ,she worked in a office building with a parking garage I saw her car and I parked a distance away ,it was her lunch hour and three guys took turns fucking her in the back seat , when she got out she was wiping her pussy with a small towel as it ran down her leg, was I excited no I was pisses off , crushed , mad , I drove home and never said anything , then I went out and found a girl on Craigslist and fucked her roughly thinking of my wife ,

  • Commented Jun 22, 2022 11:20 by anonymous

    The first time: I was laying on a trundle bed in the master bedroom. My wife and her boyfriend came home from a night of partying. They started going at it on the bed. Kissing, stripping, rubbing. They traded bouts of oral sex. Finally he got on top of her. I knew when he penetrated her by the groan she made. He fucked her slow, then deep, then hard. Then slow again. He was slow grinding her and sucking her nipple when she orgasmed. This encouraged him to fuck her hard. A few minutes later, he grunted harshly and I knew he was cumming inside my wife. I had tears in my eyes while my cock was stone hard.

  • Commented Jun 22, 2022 11:38 by anonymous

    I went bloody impotent after our baby daughter was born. So 6 months after my wife gave birth she was hungry for the cock. Of course I couldn't help her. She sought out a guy on a kink site. He was clean and eager to fuck a young milf with big milk filled tits. When he came round I was keeping quiet upstairs while our daughter slept. They got down to it quickly and I could hear my wife really getting into it. I had to see and I made it sneakily downstairs to see my wife riding him reverse cowgirl. I watched for far too long and my wife came hard then got up and laid on her back and the guy was nursing this huge erect cock. She sat up and sucked it while he got handfuls of her boobs. Then she laid back and opened her legs. He got on top and pushed into her and began smashing her rough. He was sucking on her milk as his muscly butt pumped up and down and my wife moaning like crazy. She had another orgasm and then I saw the guys butt thrust down hard and he held it there and groaned then repeated that 4 more times. Just then the baby started crying so I swiftly went up. And my wife came in naked after a minute. She sat and nursed and I started seeing the cum on her bushy pussy then when she stood up and it was running down her inner thigh. After the baby was asleep she smiled at me and went back down for round 2.

  • Commented Jun 22, 2022 11:44 by anonymous

    “No matter how much we talked about it before hand or hiow many times she reassured me. Jealousy was still a challenge. Sometimes it was a white hot hyper intense almost paralyzing feeling. ”

    Agreed. A white hot pleasure-anguish. It’s like wanting to fight and fuck at the same time.

  • Commented Jun 22, 2022 11:49 by anonymous

    “Agreed. A white hot pleasure-anguish. It’s like wanting to fight and fuck at the same time.”

    There is a point that you realize you are not in control. She is getting fucked and enjoying it.

  • Commented Jun 22, 2022 17:06 by anonymous

    No, but my wife loves watching me cum in other women. Most of them have been her friends or co-workers. I LOVE Brazilian women's attitude towards sex. lol

  • Commented Jun 22, 2022 17:47 by anonymous

    I love watching men, especially black men, cum in my wife's pussy and in her mouth. When she begs the guy to make her cum, I almost cum.

  • Commented Jun 23, 2022 00:52 by anonymous

    Yes years ago
    She don’t know I was way from outside
    Would love to do it again I don’t think
    A guy could get her now

  • Commented Jun 23, 2022 00:55 by anonymous

    Too long a story to tell in details
    But long story short
    My wife fucked her own dad
    She don’t know I know
    But I watched her do it through the window

  • Commented Jun 23, 2022 01:00 by anonymous

    My wife chucked me bad five years ago. It was only for two weeks. Her ex was visiting. He’s also the sperm donor for a daughter. The guy is a machine. He fucked her several times every night. Bastard didn’t give a damn about fucking my wife in my bed. Growled like a beast when he would cum. Hope to never see him again.

  • Commented Jun 23, 2022 03:33 by anonymous

    My wife is poly and practices solo ENM so I've heard and seen her fuck quite a few guys. But the most recent was quite funny. We were staying in an Airbnb because I had a job in the area. The young lad who met us to hand us the keys and show us around was the nephew of the owner and he was only 21. After we did the walk around my wife began shamelessly flirting with him infront of me. Poor lad was blushing like fuck and I was trying so hard not to laugh my head off to save him more embarrassment. Before he left rather hastily he left his number on the fridge in case we needed anything. My wife picked it up and said "that kid was cute,shall I fuck him tomorrow?" I rolled my eyes and chuckled. I knew she was gonna try to anyway. Next morning after I fucked her she said she was gonna call him and say the hot water doesn't work or something. I got in the shower and it worked fine. I left for work and was back around 5pm,she had ordered some food. Then as we ate she told me Colin has a gf but she's away at uni but I shan't let that stop me. Think my nympho wife was horny I was treated to a bj then sex then another bj before bed. Next day I went to work but it started to piss down so I went back early. Colin's car was there. I snuck in quietly. I was surprised to hear that Colin was the one moaning. I watched through the gap of the door and frame. My wife was sucking Colin's cock while finger fucking his ass. She got him off and he shot 4 thick streams across her cheeks and breasts. Colin was spent but my wife wiped his cream by hand and licked it. She wasn't done with him yet. He was young and she liked that. He flopped out for a while but she sucked and stroked and Colin's cock rose again. She got on him and rode him and they were both moaning in unison. Colin was enjoying it,grabbing my wifes bum and sitting up to suck her nipples. She liked that and told him to carry on. He did and his cock gave her a lovely orgasm. She pushed him back and kissed him and said "your turn" with a smile. Colin was then rode hard into the bed and he moaned like a little bitch until he came uncontrollably in my wife. After they lay and caught their breath I jumped in shouting "what the fucks going on in here?" You should have seen Colin's face and reaction,it was priceless, I don't think my wife and I stopped laughing all night.

  • Commented Jun 23, 2022 07:23 by anonymous

    “My wife chucked me bad five years ago. It was only for two weeks. Her ex was visiting. He’s also the sperm donor for a daughter. The guy is a machine. He fucked her several times every night. Bastard didn’t give a damn about fucking my wife in my bed. Growled like a beast when he would cum. Hope to never see him again.”

    Mine cucked me during our separation. We had been married 5 years and decided on a break to help our marriage. She was 27 and I was 28. She was very close to her PT at her gym. He was 38 and in fantastic shape. He must've made her wet when they worked out together and her not being with me at the time was the opening to seduce her into bed. When we talked about a reconciliation she had one condition, she told me she was casually seeing him,just as fwbs,just for sex while single but the sex was just too good to give up just yet. So I found myself agreeing with it. He would come round in the evenings and I would be in the lounge and they would head upstairs and have really long loud sex. A few times I'd get home,while putting my bike through the back I'd still have my headphones on and wouldn't hear them fucking on the sofa,I'd look up to see him fucking her and definitely noticed him finishing in her a few times.

  • Commented Jun 23, 2022 07:48 by anonymous

    Yes I watched a man cum in my wife. She was 28 and having an affair with a much older male coworker. I was out of town due back the next I finished up early and came home to find her in a new pink lingerie out I had bought her in our bed being fucked by this man . When I saw them I was in shock could say anything or move just froze in place watching . Then I saw his face with the I'm about to cum look on it . He began moaning and push himself deep in my wife and knew he was cumming in her . devastating watching a man breed your wife .

  • Commented Jun 23, 2022 07:53 by anonymous

    I watched a dude get a blowjob from my wife
    I was getting a blowjob from his wife

    Damn that was a fun night

  • Commented Jun 23, 2022 07:55 by anonymous

    Yes starting back in high school my best friend and me used to have sex with her when we partied and she is the same today. A few drinks and total slut that will do just about anything.

  • Commented Jun 23, 2022 08:38 by anonymous

    From the first deep kiss to listening to her beg him to cum in her white married pussy, telling him her pussy was his anytime or place. Then watching him tense up and watching the cum leak out around his black cock as he continued to fuck her.

  • Commented Jun 23, 2022 08:45 by anonymous

    My wife fucked my little brother he was 17 at time
    I had fallen asleep when I got home from work after a couple beers
    I woke up and heard them in next room she was such a horny slut back then
    I didn’t let her know I saw it.

  • Commented Jun 23, 2022 09:01 by anonymous

    I am a voyeur and always have been, I love watching my wife have sex with another guy. We've been married nearly 15 years and together 18 years. Prior to marriage we were were having threesomes with a good friend of mine and I loved sitting back and watching them fuck with him cumming deep inside her. After the wedding he drifted away, work, etc. so wife and I started swinging although nearly all were with condoms with exception of a couple of guys she trusted and would let them cum in her, swinging stopped after 8 or so years.

    Three and half years ago my friend moved close to the area we are living in and we started hanging out and it wasn't long before I was again watching him fucking my wife and cumming in her. He fucks her about once or twice a month, only rule we have is that I am present each time.

    Spit roasting your wife with a buddy and sloppy seconds are the best.

  • Commented Jun 23, 2022 09:07 by anonymous

    Yeah, me cum inside my wife.

  • Commented Jun 23, 2022 09:21 by anonymous

    I love watching my wife be submissive and let a hung black man use her mouth for his pleasure.

  • Commented Jun 23, 2022 09:25 by anonymous

    He was my girlfriend’s roommate younger brother who stayed with my girlfriend at their apartment
    He was still in HS and kept bragging about about what he would do to my girlfriend if she was his
    Her roommate had a date so he was stuck with us
    After listening to him brag about his sexual expertise I told him show us what you got and he did. Whoa his cock was indeed big we were both impressed we asked how big it got and he said why don’t you touch it and find out so she did
    She couldn’t hold back so we went to our bedroom where she was excited about sucking him off. After a while she just pushed him off the bed took off her panties and started riding him
    She kept telling me how good it felt … his huge long dick made her lose all control. She was kissing him sucking his nipples and it was clear to see her thick cum all over his pole.
    This young guy knew how to fuck and he fucked her continuously for about 35 minutes before he came in her
    The entire night she kept telling me she felt like she wanted it in her badly it felt so good.

  • Commented Jun 23, 2022 09:44 by anonymous

    My wife by a black guy in the back seat at her work as a pay back I told his wife and I came in his wife twice

  • Commented Jun 23, 2022 09:48 by anonymous

    My wife has never been with anyone but me so I sent a guy to her work that proved to me he was good size , he fucked her in his car , her panties were soaked with cum when she came home , she jumped in the shower and I rem the panties from the laundry basket and jacked off in them myself

  • Commented Jun 23, 2022 10:00 by anonymous

    I was unaware of how depraved my wife was when I married her. It didn't matter too much because I was just as perverted as her. During one of her family parties, I noticed she had dissappeared. I found her in her parent's basement and her father was fucking her from behind. I could see his big dick all wet with her pussy juices and she was holding her ass cheeks apart. I should have divorced her but it was hot to see. I took my cock out and slowly stroked as he kept fucking her and putting his thumb in her asshole. Hearing my wife moan "daddy" as he pumped her was strangely erotic for me. I saw the moment her father pumped his seed into her dirty pussy and it was beautiful. When they saw me and saw my cock was out and rock hard, her father told me to get in her pussy and fuck her hard. I felt my father in law's cum squish around my cock as I slammed into my wife's pussy. My wife looked back and kept talking about how her daddy made her cum and filled her pussy. It was all so hot that I busted soon after I started fucking her. My cum mixed with my father in law's cum and it ran out of my wife's pussy. When the party ended, my mother in law took us upstairs and I watched her eat her husband's cum out of her daughter's pussy. Now we play all the time and swap partners. I call her mom as we fuck and she calls me her baby boy as I cum in her. I never get tired of seeing my father in law's cock in my wife's pussy.

  • Commented Jun 23, 2022 15:46 by anonymous

    The hottest thing I ever saw was watching a very well hung guy named Jeff fuck my wife Ronda. He was 8.5 inches and much thicker than my 6 inches. He fucked her for over an hour, stretching her pussy out. At times it hurt her as she wasn't used to being man handled like that. He pounded her hard and fast, finally filling her pussy with his cum. I could see her sloppy stretched out used pussy as he pulled out of her. The only thing hotter was when I got sloppy seconds after he left. I had to enter her slow because her pussy was tender. It was to this day, the best sex I've ever had in my life.

  • Commented Jun 23, 2022 15:48 by anonymous

    Yes and it's super hot. We have a thing going with our next door neighbors. Every time I see our neighbor cum in her mouth, pussy or ass it makes me cum pretty quick

  • Commented Jun 23, 2022 17:16 by anonymous

    “It’s devastating. It’s erotic. It’s heartbreaking. It’s mind boggling. It’s humiliating. It’s pleasurable. It’s soul crushing. It’s satisfying. All those things at once.”

    Couldn't have said it better... ty

  • Commented Jun 23, 2022 17:25 by anonymous

    All the time we are swingers. I have seen my wife fuck other guys and I have fucked women in front of her.

  • Commented Jun 23, 2022 18:14 by anonymous

    .y wife went out with her friends one night and I found an old phone of hers after charging it I turned it on shocked to find out it had no password I sat rooting through it and it was her phone before we were together. It was full of pictures and videos 2 were of her with an ex. I was shaken but couldn't not watch and it was obvious he had recorded them fucking on his phone n sent it to her

  • Commented Jun 23, 2022 18:14 by anonymous

    Only once, and it was pretty fucking hot. I convinced my wife to have a threeway with a friend of mine, and we had her on the spit-roast, with my friend in her from behind. He creamed her good, as she was messy back there. Seeing her get off from his dick was even hotter.

  • Commented Jun 23, 2022 18:23 by anonymous

    “It’s devastating. It’s erotic. It’s heartbreaking. It’s mind boggling. It’s humiliating. It’s pleasurable. It’s soul crushing. It’s satisfying. All those things at once.”

    Nice to hear someone speak the truth.

  • Commented Jun 23, 2022 18:31 by anonymous

    It was like watching another man cum in your wife.

    Stupid question disserves a stupid answer. lol.

    However if you want some wanking material. here goes.

    Wife and I was having a threesome with a regular fuck buddy.

    I was I on the bottom wife on top in a 69 i was licking her cunt as she sucked my cock. Mate was on top of her cock in her cunt. Even though his cock was bigger than mine at 8 inches at a guess, it came out a few times. I grabbed it and shoved it back in till he filled her with his love cream. Does that help get you off?

  • Commented Jun 23, 2022 18:34 by anonymous

    Watched my step dad fuck my first wife. She was only 18 and had no idea how to resist him and his 9 inch cock. I'm not exactly small, 7in, but he's pretty thick too. He liked fucking my wife and kept her busy most weekends while I cut his lawn and washed his care. My mom knew but basically just didn't give a shit.

  • Commented Jun 23, 2022 20:18 by anonymous

    She was my girlfriend at the time we had just started dating we were at a party and I wasn’t paying any attention to her
    There was lots of drinking and it was out in the country
    My friend had told me he saw Jenny and Luke we’re headed behind a shed. I walked close enough to hear them fucking.
    I didn’t know what to think or say. I positioned myself to see if I could get a view when I finally caught him moaning he was cumming. I quickly got back and pretended I didn’t notice her missing.
    He actually fucked her before I even had a chance
    Then one night I go over to her apartment cause I couldn’t get ahold of her and open door and walk in to hear her getting fucked in the bedroom by some guy who lived in her complex
    She had no idea I was even listening and watching him leave
    Now some twenty years later she won’t give up her pussy to me or anyone. I think she was too embarrassed that I finally told her

  • Commented Jun 23, 2022 21:39 by anonymous

    I’ll speak for my husband, yes! He doesn’t ever do anything with the man except clean his mess and swap it in my mouth. My husband is a very manly type and the two times I see him not masculine as fuck is when he watches me with a guy or licks the cum up. It started when I was pregnant actually. I was 5 months and showing more. My boobs were bigger and tender. He fucked me good and after asked if I’d fuck another man who wants me bad if he was okay with it. I asked who and he said his best friend Darren which I knew he liked me but then a guy I never met. He said he had a pregnant fetish. He wanted to rub cum on your belly or cum in that pretty pregnant pussy. I thought it over and figured yeah I’d be okay with it. I was in a needy stage so I wanted two guys to worship me. My husband said he wanted to watch and see how it goes. His other friend Keith was handsome and full of muscles. They both hugged me and Keith rubbed my belly saying I was so sexy. Yup, definitely a pregnant fetish. They wasted no time right on the couch. My tits we’re out and sucked on while I had a duck in my mouth and then another. Keith was definitely the winner. Nice thick one. My pussy was groped by both of them and they got me naked and devoured me while I sucked dick I was getting compliments left and right about my body and it felt so good. I came twice from them and Darren said he had wanted me for so long and pushed in my pussy yelling out fuck. He said I was so warm, wet and tight like better than he ever imagined. Keith wanted some and played with my tits and rubbed my belly. Everything was great and Darren came on me. Keith loved rubbing it in and fucking me hard until he came in me. They said goodbye and that was it. My husband spread my legs and got cum on his tongue and kissed me. It was passionate and we made love but in the best way. It was great. Since then 2 more kids but it never stopped us from having late night guests or getting a babysitter.

  • Commented Jun 23, 2022 22:35 by anonymous

    Our friends Bob and Carol, my wife Jill and I party. I have a fling with Carol. She says Bob's penis is way too big. I say don't tell Jill that, LOL. I already have, she says. Carol is sorta big, but I like that -- I can ride her hard for an hour. I cum when she wants me to. You have to fuck Carol to get that. Jill is way hot, ex Prom Queen. Carol is nice looking, little chubby, big tits, ass More to love. We're all late 20s. Hot summer night, drinking, BBQ, skinny dipping. "Holy fuck, Bob, you're going to hurt your knees. Let me hold it for you." Jill says complementing his big dick. I had enough and I go to bed. 2 AM I get up to pee. No Jill. Carol is sleeping nude on the couch. I better not fuck her here. I check the pool area. Jill is naked on her knees giving Bob a blowjob, Does in her mouth count?
    20 years later: Bob and Carol split. I still remind Jill of her BJ. "hey, I was drunk and Bob is a freak. with the drinks I just had to do it."

  • Commented Jun 24, 2022 05:11 by anonymous

    Yes I have and many times and I love it and it's how we learned I love watching. We got married young and had only ever been with each other. The guy we moved next to had alot of sex and we heard it. He had different girls come round and he made them all moan. I found it quite erotic when my wife and I lay in bed listening and she was curious about this guys sexual capability and his size. She talked me into going to chat to him. So one Saturday I went to have a few beers with him. And I mentioned the hot girl I saw he had round the other day and he said "yeah she was a great fuck" and I said "yeah it sounded like she enjoyed it". He laughed and said "sorry if its loud." I said "don't worry about it,it gets the wife in the mood." He said "really?" Then he added "you have a hot wife there if you don't mind me saying." I said "thanks." I was already feeling tipsy and I knew it was wrong but I got my phone out and showed him some intimate pics of my wife. He definitely loved them and then showed me some pics of some girls and then a few vids of him fucking girls,he had a very big cock I must say. After i went back i told my wife what i had seen and she was even more curious. Later on in bed we were getting kinky and she wondered "what it would be like to take a big cock like that?" I found it erotic of course so I asked her if she wanted to try his? And she asked if I'd let her and I said sure for the fun and experience then I added "that cock would definitely stretch you out" and she replied "oh yeah I'd love to have that feeling,being totally full." She asked if he would want me and i said "oh yes he finds you hot,i showed him your nudes." She was shocked but turned on. Nevertheless 2 weeks later she bumped into him and struck up a conversation,then she totally me she made a date to go over to his that Friday night and the rest is history.

  • Commented Jun 24, 2022 10:00 by anonymous

    College Bar I'd see this girl (Jill- 21), she was out of my league. Sorority girl dressed way nicer than the sluts. I'm with a FWB (Carol) - I see Jill and some jock leave together. I said hi to Jill earlier, we talked about the weather briefly, she seems nice. I have Carol help me spy on Jill. There's a big park nearby, people leave and come back to get out of the packed smokey bar. Jill and Jock are on a blanket by a stream, taking swigs of Jim Beam. Carol and I are in my car 20 feet away, pretending to be lovers. They don't notice us. They start making out. Jock is disrobing her and just slinging her expensive clothing on the grass. I can't look directly without being notice, Carol watches from the corner of her eye. "OMG, your classy crush is naked." Carol says. But there hope. Jock is fully clothed. He drops his pants and fucks her like a rag doll for 30 minutes. She has to be the best fuck in the history of fucking. Pron stars do it like this,,, but she's not acting. A full year later I get my big chance and I ask her out. She says yes. It took 2 dates to fuck her, Actually we just ran out of time on the first date. She's way slutty than she is in public. Been fucking Jill 30 years now.


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