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Being autistic makes people think I’m mean. I don’t want to hurt anyone ever. I don’t know how to write things down that makes sense to other people. The points I try to make sometimes hurt people, and hurting people is my biggest fear.

Posted Oct 4, 2018 06:22 by anonymous
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  • Commented May 11, 2020 19:39 by anonymous

    It’s okay, the fact that you care so much means that the people who would take it personally (those who matter close to you) might not mind. And as for upsetting people online, unless you’re insulting their appearance or something, people who would carry an online offence with them and not let it go are going to find something to upset them online anyway. Don’t worry so much about it, you seem alright.

  • Commented May 11, 2020 19:53 by anonymous

    It would be nice to think Twister was writing this, but we'd be kidding ourselves. It's not her style and she makes no apologies for her behaviour. Nor does she regard autism as a condition with which she is afflicted. Makes me think the post is FAKE and not written by somone with autism, because they would not think about others that way, bur rather written by someon who thinks they know better than those who have the condition what they need

  • Commented Jun 29, 2020 19:19 by anonymous

    If your intentions are good and it’s sounds like they are your all good man. Doesn’t matter what others think, feel, or say cause that’s there trip don’t hold back your honestly and voice of you hurt someone’s feeling that’s sometimes a good thing. It means you struck a nerve in them or a subconscious truth they aren’t willing to face at the time. Meaning well is always good bad intentions yield bad Karma.


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