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American Christianity Is Toxic And Not In Line With The Teachings Of Jesus.

Posted Sep 23, 2020 19:46 by anonymous
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  • Commented Sep 23, 2020 19:50 by anonymous

    Agree. Maybe the Bible they are using was written by Adam Smith! Lol

  • Commented Sep 23, 2020 20:07 by anonymous

    Jesus was a fucking Arab sand nigger there are no white Jesus’s in the Sand Nigger Middle East. The true God of Europe and America is Odin the Alfather. Valhalla is our true Heaven for White Warriors. The Christians invaded Europe, Germania in 540ad and shattered thundered of thousands of Europeans, men women and children. The forced Their Christian God on my ancestors. My God is Odin with hundreds of Temples for Odin Across Europe. Praise Odin till the Valkyries take my soul home to Vallaha.

  • Commented Sep 23, 2020 20:27 by anonymous

    Jubus is Mexicano. Eat a burrito and celebrate Mexican Jebus.

  • Commented Sep 23, 2020 20:38 by anonymous

    How do you KNOW what Jesus taught?
    The Biblehas been written and rewritten many times with lots of changes.
    And there are idioms which do not translate very well.

  • Commented Sep 23, 2020 21:09 by anonymous

    Did Jesus have free school lunches or healthcare?
    Did Jesus say Christians should fight for more affordable healthcare?

    Where do Republicans define the Church's responsibility? Which church?
    How did Jesus get tied into the Republican Party? Is there a Democrat Party and are they the Jesus Party?
    Do the Democrats teach Jesus and the Bible? Do they live by those values?

    Which kids are denied a lunch under the school lunch program?
    Which Christians spend billions on guns, tanks, bombs used to MURDER people overseas but are against feeding and caring for their own citizens?? Are all the citizens Christians? Are there any Jews in government? Any atheists? Any Hindus? Any other religions? Are all the people Christians so that we may hold ONLY Christians accountable?

    Children have NOT been put in cages. Children were separated from adults to protect them from sexual predators and rapists. Would you rather have the children RAPED? How is that Christian? The policy was started by Democrat OBAMA. HE is a Muslim. Not a Christian. Not a Republican. Not even an American, despite his photo shopped birth certificate.

    When Democrat Bill Clinton had Monica Lewinsky giving him blow jobs under his desk, we were told that was his private life. The public was told that his personal life was his business and that morals do NOT translate over from private life to public duties.

    Have the Democrats ever contributed to spending vast amounts on military weapons? If so then why do you mention ONLY Republicans?

    Black Lives Matter is a communist group funded by Satanist George Soros via his Tides Foundation and his Currents Foundation.
    The VP of one of those foundations is Susan Rosenberg who was pardoned by President Bill Clinton after serving 16 years in the federal penitentiary. She was arrested in possession of 170 pounds of explosives and a case of machine guns. She is a radical who blew up people. Sound like the teachings of Jesus?

    Which definition of social justice? The definition where blacks can commit crime and just walk away? Jussie Smollett?
    The promotion of HATE against Asians and Whites? Blaming personal failure on the Whites? Is that "justice"?

    I wish you could move to another country too.


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