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A woman at work told me I was harrassing her.

Posted Jan 12, 2018 17:54:50 by anonymous
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  • Commented Jan 12, 2018 18:11:32 by anonymous

    Let them reap what they sow.. I think you are doing the right thing. All these women will regret it before long. When men stop even coming on to them at all.

  • Commented Jan 12, 2018 18:56:00 by anonymous

    You have made the right decision. As a man who have gone thru the same crap, I would also like to recommend keeping notes on key times of what she says and when and where. I promise you that when she sees she cannot have her way, she will go to the HR and try to complain. But if you have your notes that will cover your ass. maybe you should make the preemptive strike first.

    A woman tried to accuse me of harassing her, (when in truth I broke off our friendship because she was throwing herself in to the arms of almost every man in our dept.), so I never said another word to her again. Then she complained that I did not speak to her anymore. Luckily a Has a lot of witnesses to the facts.

  • Commented Jan 12, 2018 19:10:03 by anonymous

    I must say ,, I hate being a woman , in business right now.
    I want to be taken serious, but I love the fun and attention a good looking woman gets in the real world.
    I have had REAL sexual harassment:
    1) I was a young girl in H.S. I had a manager at McDonalds corner me in the refrigerator and grope my breast. I was so shocked,, I did not slap him or demand that he be fired,, I never told anyone,, and sure enough,, he eventually put his hand down my pants and fingered me in hos office,, I quite the next day,, nerve telling anyone.
    2) I was a aggressive manager in a call center and was told by the VP, that if I slept with him,, I would be promoted to the Sr. Manager.. i declined and transferred as soon as possible

    I "should " have had both men terminated.
    BUT,, Men asking you out,, Men telling you, you look good, after you wear a
    new outfit or buy a great new bra.
    I wish all these women who are jumping on he sexual harassment bandwagon,, because they do not have the faintest clue how to interact with men,,would just be quiet,,,
    I hit the gym 5 days a week, I had my boobs done 8 years ago and I love being an attractive woman,, don't kill it for all of us,, Punish the real offenders, but do not hurt guys, just for being guys,, damn

  • Commented Jan 12, 2018 19:46:23 by anonymous

    You are doing right. Keep clear of the trouble making bitch

  • Commented Jan 13, 2018 03:05:48 by anonymous

    The thing a woman has that's any good is their pussies. And some can't even keep that right.

  • Commented Jan 13, 2018 03:29:27 by anonymous

    Only thing I've learned from all this #MeToo bullshit, is that last thing I ever want to do is hire a woman to work for me. Why take the chance of being accused and convicted without a trial?

    This will have a catastrophic effect on women in the workplace.


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