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25M Never a girlfriend or kissed still a virgin never a date I'm fat ugly short and poor. No attractive women (20sF) like me. Nobody cares that I am miserable and no one wants to help me and no one cares about me. Can I get advice

Posted Sep 6, 2019 10:22 by anonymous
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  • Commented Sep 6, 2019 10:43 by anonymous

    Being too fat, too short, too poor, too ugly, too tall, too skinny or "too" whatever society doesn't consider as fashion or beauty norms has one advantage: when people stick to you, they stick to you who like you for who you really are, since you don't have the superficial apparatus ("good-looking, sexy, rich" etc) people generally like when they pretend to "like" someone
    It tells volume about how "loving, tolerant and fraternal" our nice little society actually is, and how deep social relations actually are

    Trust me, everyone finds someone every now and then. Sure you'll never have many friends, forget about it, but you can have a few, or even just one, and that one will matter like everything in the world to you
    And even if you don't, so what. Take on a sport, a hobby. Enjoy a nice movie or some video games. Read a good book, learn, write, develop your inner world and your inner creativity.
    There's so much to enjoy in life apart from people, who generally are huge scumbags anyway so why bother

  • Commented Sep 6, 2019 11:50 by anonymous

    What is so wrong with being with a woman who's unattractive? Everyone's looks fade eventually. Get over it.

  • Commented Sep 6, 2019 11:52 by anonymous

    Get over yourself and date ugly girls.

  • Commented Sep 6, 2019 12:04 by anonymous

    Move out of your parents basement, take a shower, and just say no to the all you can eat buffets.

  • Commented Sep 6, 2019 14:15 by anonymous

    How exactly can people help you when you're so whiney? How can you expect women to look past your looks when you reject girls you think are unattractive? If you won't lose weight then become a doctor or lawyer and maybe you can get some pussy.

  • Commented Dec 20, 2019 23:24 by anonymous

    This is probably why you have a hard time attracting anyone. You think people are going to like you or fall in love with you based on your looks. The truth is you'll become attractive based on how you treat other's first and then yourself.

  • Commented Dec 20, 2019 23:39 by anonymous

    Why do so many men think they deserve super models even if they're unattractive? There are so many women out there who want to be in relationships but they're alone because men are so fucking shallow. Smh.

  • Commented Dec 20, 2019 23:45 by anonymous

    Just go make lots of end to beautiful gold digging women..young and old

  • Commented Apr 2, 2020 23:37 by CuriousNow

    Wonder if you're still looking at replies to your original post. My input? Attitude. You need to STOP TELLING YOURSELF WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU. Find this in a library or maybe you can still find it on Amazon - "The Magic of Thinking Big" by a guy named Schwarz or Schwartz or something similar. You only have so much room in your head for "stuff" so quit filling it up with NEGATIVE crap and start filling it with POSITIVE thoughts and attitudes.

    I've been there, I needed a change - positive attitude WILL make a difference.

  • Commented May 2, 2020 20:30 by anonymous

    Because women get sooooo aroused when a guy hates on himself they want to fuck his brains out.

  • Commented May 2, 2020 20:32 by anonymous

    Get an education, don't stop until you have your PHD and are a corporate CEO and sitting on the board of several other corporations. Chics dig dudes with deep pockets.

  • Commented May 2, 2020 20:35 by anonymous

    "I'm practically invisible to good looking women"

    u answered your question without even realizing it, good looking women aren't looking for ugly men, this is you're an incel & u just have never figured it put, go figure.

  • Commented May 2, 2020 20:43 by anonymous

    Learn how to yodell and come up with a kool name like " Yodelling Andy" make some albums and go on tour ,get a kool tour bus with YODELING ANDY on it . Chicks will be lining up to ride your cock

  • Commented May 5, 2020 06:49 by anonymous


  • Commented Jun 3, 2020 06:11 by anonymous


    Sound like u have tried this. What was the outcome?

  • Commented Jun 9, 2020 14:50 by anonymous

    Stop drinking sugary drinks. Eat vegetables. Go to the gym. It not only will help with your looks but also with your feeling of well being and your health. Women will be more attracted but mostly you will feel better and live longer. And actually women and men aren't as attracted to obsesity because it is a signal that a person doesn't eat well and isn't healthy.

  • Commented Aug 13, 2020 08:31 by anonymous

    Advice: bungee jump but don''t attach the line to anything solid.

  • Commented Aug 13, 2020 08:46 by anonymous

    stick with the hookers you will be happy when they leave

  • Commented Aug 13, 2020 09:21 by anonymous

    I really hope you read this. I was same 15 years ago, do what I did.

    Forget about girls, they are not relevant right now. Sort out the diet, healthily. Join a gym (when you can), go walking/running, can't afford weights at home, find concrete blocks and lift them. Clean your place every day top to bottom. Join a martial arts class, Karate is a good one for weight loss, or Arnis, or Jujitsu something that will help you build confidence make sure there are lots of sparring sessions.

    At some point in the future you will be fitter, slimmer and more confident, then you think about girls. Sort yourself out first.

    I'm now married, successful and teach two martial arts and mixed martial arts.

  • Commented Aug 13, 2020 09:40 by anonymous

    Hey man, take it from me!!! I am not bragging, but I'm a guy who's had my pick of women for the most part. I always thought I had to have the best looking cunt on the block and I have. They are the most miserable fucking cunts ever and absolutely no fun to be around. I started dating the heavier set girls and I have never been happier. They don't give a flying fuck about all that fake ass bullshit and they know how to let their hair down and fuck your brains out! I wouldn't trade one of the girls I've dated over the last 5 years for every single one of the miserable pathetic cunts I used to fuck. In fact I don't ever want to even see them again now that I've discovered what life is all about.

  • Commented Aug 13, 2020 09:42 by anonymous

    Lose weight and get a job. Two of your problems are now solved.

  • Commented Aug 14, 2020 15:30 by anonymous

    Find a therapist, find a health trainer. Those two things will be the biggest life changing decisions you can make. Seriously, 25 is not very old. You do not want to be married right now. What you should be doing is setting the tone for the rest of your life. Get your mind right with a therapist, get your body right, that doesn't mean getting ripped, it means feeling active and healthy and when you are in your late 20's/30's women will be a lot easier to talk to and mor eopen to relasionships. Hell, you can even date five years younger if you have a stable job and are mentally all there with a decent heathy lifestyle.


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