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Posted Sep 24, 2018 23:58:44 by anonymous

As it says in the title I have been with mi gf for a bit more than four years now, however, she has NEVER wanted to have sex beacause she is very religious and her parents don't know about us being to Read more
In my place of work, there was a woman (who has a new job now) that was older than I am. She’s a mother, and extremely attractive. I’m not sure if she’s married or not. The age difference betwee Read more

Posted Sep 24, 2018 23:54:01 by anonymous

I’m not religious,but today I prayed that God would send down a coronary for me because I’ve been finding life too hard to deal with lately and I already have the blood pressure for it (153/82 las Read more

Posted Sep 24, 2018 23:51:22 by anonymous

Hi everyone so I went to the doctors today and the nurse told me that I have a over active thyroid (I saw .36 L as the lab results I could be wrong of the letter L). The nurse was explaining what the Read more
I'm a new dad. I'm still adjusting to learning how to be a parent and how to raise a kid. Not gonna lie it's weird, It's just felt weird being a dad. My wife feels like I have been withdrawn from our Read more
Don't get me wrong I don't let this screw with my head too often, but I'll always have the occasional night where I stay up late thinking about it or I'll get a little too high from smoking weed and g Read more

Posted Sep 24, 2018 23:46:55 by anonymous

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. I had a disturbing experience this weekend where two male friends repeatedly made sexual advances towards me and placed their grubby hands all over me despite me ve Read more

Posted Sep 24, 2018 23:45:20 by anonymous

So I got a job canvassing for 15$ an hour. I was excited about both the money and the fact that I can add it to my resume since I want to organize campaigns. So I go there and I walk 75% of the whole Read more

Posted Sep 24, 2018 23:41:27 by anonymous

after talking for three months and some testing she told me I don't have anxiety, depression, bpd, or anything else. It was such a relief! Read more

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