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Posted Feb 5, 2023 22:34 by anonymous

Posted Feb 5, 2023 22:34 by anonymous

So pretty much last fall in September my dad overdosed. Not many people know, bc I didn’t tell anyone even close to me abt it. I didn’t feel the need to put all this emotional sadness on them too Read more

Posted Feb 5, 2023 22:32 by anonymous

I never pissed at all. I went 8+ hours a day not peeing until I got home. Read more

Posted Feb 5, 2023 22:30 by anonymous

Who’s with me? Read more

Posted Feb 5, 2023 22:30 by anonymous

People suck. I‘m done letting others identify who I am. I may be a white cis male, but I don’t identify as any of that. I’m a human being. I live, I learn, I grow. I have made mistakes in my lif Read more

Posted Feb 5, 2023 22:30 by anonymous

maybe its just the cptsd but I feel like the universe or life is always out to get me, god doesn't care or stopped at some point. its human nature to be rash/reckless, vengeful, abusive. im tired of s Read more
Don’t people understand there are other places where people work? It’s like the only work setting I see in commercials and TV. Why? Read more

Posted Feb 5, 2023 22:27 by anonymous

Do most fminists believe that sxism towards women is much more common than sxism towards men? And that men have better lives than women? And that women have to accept and put up with more about men th Read more

Posted Feb 5, 2023 22:27 by anonymous

I am now literally sleep outside homeless. My girlfriend died in October I found her in our bathroom dead at 5am and since then I've lost everything. My car just got towed and it was the last place I Read more

Posted Feb 5, 2023 22:27 by anonymous

What’s even the point anymore? You get up, go to work, and savour the few precious hours you have to yourself by preparing for the next day. This isn’t life, this is torture. I can’t do this for Read more

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