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my husband

Posted Mar 2, 2011 by anonymous | 1286 views | 2 comments

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  • Commented Sep 16, 2016 by anonymous

    You did right and he was propably the one cheating.

  • Commented Jan 8, 2017 by anonymous

    When guys act like that they're sociopaths, and often, mild psychopaths. You don't need that shit.

    Get online, talk to some guys, help each other get off in privacy of your own bedroom, don't tell them who or where you are, LIVE the IDEA you are FREE and don't need a man to come ruin your fucking life, hon.

    Men have a different outlook than women but you can have some respect if you can stand being respected. A lot of people aren't trained to live being respected.

    Thing is, sociopaths like your boyfriend there - they never fuckin' change. And they're always some kind of manipulopath.

    Be careful with yourself and value your own good feelings about relationships and let your own mental eye, catch you if you act too submissive or like a martyr.

    Ok dear? You're kinda trying to create a side to your personality you didn't probably get a lot of help doing. Being strong even when some guy like that doesn't love/like you can seem like a lot of work.

    Men like him MAKE it a lot of work just to see if they can wear you down. Don't let him wear you down dear. It's better to jack off alone and wake up alone, but un BOTHERED than have to deal with some asshole treating you like you're a door mat for his abusiveness.


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