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I had sex with my neighbors Pregnant teen daughter:-/

Posted Apr 1, 2013 by anonymous | 53562 views | 10 comments

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  • Commented Apr 1, 2013 by anonymous

    well when 18 age is just a number. Im 17 right now and the state i live in i can fuck ppl at least three years younger than me or i can fuck 17 and up. But age is just a number once you hit 18. Im a chick and a virgin but still lol.

  • Commented Apr 1, 2013 by anonymous

    great erotica. some misspellings. though it's incredibly rare for a woman to start lactating that early.

  • Commented Apr 1, 2013 by anonymous

    go ahead

  • Commented Apr 1, 2013 by anonymous

    You need to pimp that little whore out for some cash, son.

  • Commented Apr 2, 2013 by anonymous

    You shouldn't have to fuck a pregnant women.

  • Commented Apr 6, 2013 by anonymous

    her baby's daddy is probably a dead beat with no job and no money so she is just looking to you to take care of her and her unborn child she played her cards pretty well given you can't get her out of your head and you fell right into her TRAP!!!!

  • Commented Jul 14, 2013 by anonymous

    “You need to pimp that little whore out for some cash, son.”

    No that's wrong.

  • Commented Nov 23, 2015 by anonymous

    ur a pedo.

  • Commented Feb 29, 2016 by anonymous

    YOU my friend FCKED UP BIG TIME... im sure the pussy was good and all BUT your hooked on HER pussy.. and she will milk that sht.. and hell for all you know the boyfriend is in on it.. as long as YOU are footing the bills why should he care if your fcking her.. think about man....

  • Commented Mar 11, 2016 by anonymous

    Fucken sluts. Always whoring around.


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