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Posted Jun 24, 2016 by anonymous

I have fucked my boys girl once and we both loved it. Conversely, I love watching my boy fuck my old lady too. I get off o...

Posted Jun 24, 2016 by anonymous

Big banks and Brussels get their balls busted by Britain! The EU's days are numbered and NATO is next. Why is it expe...

Posted Jun 24, 2016 by anonymous

Shantelle I love your yummy yummy panties...

Posted Jun 24, 2016 by anonymous

My wife's sister got married at 17 cause she was pregnant and soon lost the baby afterwards. She blamed herself and s...

Posted Jun 24, 2016 by anonymous

Fer 38...

Posted Jun 24, 2016 by anonymous

When we were on holiday in sunny beach Bulgaria my seventeen year old daughter said she was going shopping I said I come w...

Posted Jun 24, 2016 by anonymous

I was raped on July 4th 2009, so almost exactly 5 years ago. To keep this brief, I am mostly over it, and entirely ready ...

Posted Jun 24, 2016 by anonymous

I'm horny leave your k I k below and I'll message you I'm a guy...

Posted Jun 24, 2016 by anonymous

So me and my bf tried to do anal but his cocks too big and I want to know if you guys can help how i can do anal with hi...

Posted Jun 24, 2016 by anonymous

Ki k me and I will send you photos of my sleeping GF. Lady_Slayer1987...

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Alright, confess: you have a secret confession to make, a sin to expel. Something nagging at you? Guilt, shame weighing you down? You aren’t alone, and now you have the perfect opportunity to unburden yourself-anonymously at Raw Confessions.

We all harbor dirty, dark, or unholy confessions-things we wouldn’t tell our mothers, our children, our family, friends or spouse-things that would hurt them or make them see us as possible monsters. It is an unspoken human thread.

There is only place where you can get it out, without punishment, without guilt, without shame-at RawConfessions. No one is immune to fault, deceit, betrayal, or indecency.

We all harbor secret confessions-as you can see from browsing our confession database here. Few, however, get the opportunity to let the poison out without repercussions. This is why we started Raw Confessions, to give everyone a chance to get it out without confrontation-once and for all.

No matter who you are and what your origin is, set yourself free from the guilt by an anonymous online confession. You don’t even have to register to make the confession and you can confess anything. If you do choose to become a part of the Raw Confessions community, you’ll gain unlimited access to confessions, dialogue with peers, and their confession responses. It all starts with one confession. Go ahead…start with: I confess...

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