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3 way

Posted Jul 23, 2014 by cronok

white mans cum slut

Posted Jul 23, 2014 by anonymous

gay slut

Posted Jul 23, 2014 by anonymous

sex with girl dog

Posted Jul 23, 2014 by cronok

Cousin Love

Posted Jul 22, 2014 by anonymous

A friend cast aside

Posted Jul 22, 2014 by johnwa

Religious Family, people, society

Posted Jul 21, 2014 by Twist

Weddings and crushes

Posted Jul 21, 2014 by Twist

step dad

Posted Jul 21, 2014 by anonymous

Loving anal

Posted Jul 21, 2014 by anonymous

RawConfessions - Confess Online

Alright, confess: you have a secret confession to make, a sin to expel. Something nagging at you? Guilt, shame weighing you down? You aren’t alone, and now you have the perfect opportunity to unburden yourself-anonymously at Raw Confessions.

We all harbor dirty, dark, or unholy confessions-things we wouldn’t tell our mothers, our children, our family, friends or spouse-things that would hurt them or make them see us as possible monsters. It is an unspoken human thread.

There is only place where you can get it out, without punishment, without guilt, without shame-at RawConfessions. No one is immune to fault, deceit, betrayal, or indecency.

We all harbor secret confessions-as you can see from browsing our confession database here. Few, however, get the opportunity to let the poison out without repercussions. This is why we started Raw Confessions, to give everyone a chance to get it out without confrontation-once and for all.

No matter who you are and what your origin is, set yourself free from the guilt by an anonymous online confession. You don’t even have to register to make the confession and you can confess anything. If you do choose to become a part of the Raw Confessions community, you’ll gain unlimited access to confessions, dialogue with peers, and their confession responses. It all starts with one confession. Go ahead…start with: I confess...


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    pedophile by anonymous
  • 2
    Useme is finally gone! by anonymous
  • 3
    Yep going to hell by anonymous
  • 4
    Daughter's Bedroom Door by idcloser
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    fat by anonymous


  • 1
    white mans cum slut by anonymous
  • 2
    gay slut by anonymous
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    Considering Suicide by strugglinghero
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    Anything else I could fuck myself with? by x_dirty.girl_x
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    sex with girl dog by cronok

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